Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 13: Eddard 2

Well, shit.



You know, I was speaking to my elder sister about this book the other day, and apparently she’s read the first two in the series.

Book Spirit: Oh? And what did she have to say?

She said to me, “Nothing good ever happens in those books.”

Book Spirit: And you bring this up because…?

Because now I know why: every single person in any position of authority is bugnuts insane. Here, let me show you what I mean.

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Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 12: Daenerys 2

By the Seven Despairs, I hate this book.


So you’ve mentioned.

You know, I’m sure Mr. Martin is an OK sort of guy, and I acknowledge that he is an effective writer — but seriously, what kind of mind looks at this story and thinks, “You know what this needs? Statutory rape.”

Book Spirit: It’s not against their law, you know —

I’m aware.

Book Spirit: And it’s not like arranged marriages weren’t common in your so-called real world —

I’m aware.

Book Spirit: Still are common, in some places —

Darkness take you, I said I’m aware! Stop giving me reasons to start breaking things!

Book Spirit: …can I ask? What would you have done differently?

…Blood on the Gate, I don’t know, you damned spirit. I’m aware that bad things have to happen, or there is no story. But I read, and write, for enjoyment, and there is nothing enjoyable about this chapter. At all.

Haaa… No point in putting it off any longer. Here goes.

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What Would I Rather Be Reading? I: The Aeronaut’s Windlass

So once upon a time, a man wrote a book about a wizard. This wizard was both powerful and irascible, as professional wizards traditionally are. However, this wizard differed from the traditions in a couple notable respects: he was young, for one thing; for another, he lived in modern Chicago. The man wrote a number of books about the young, modern wizard, and they became staggeringly popular. Full disclosure: I like it.

Somewhat later, the man decided to write a new series, set in a pseudo-Roman fantasy world, of a people granted magical elemental powers, and the one boy growing up among them without magical elemental power — what we would call an ordinary person. These books were in a completely different style from the books about the wizard, and really demonstrated the breadth of talent in their writer. They were also not nearly as popular as the wizard. Such is life.

Now that same writer has taken a stab at a new genre: Skypunk.


This is Jim Butcher’s newest novel, The Aeronaut’s Windlass (FIRST IN A NEW SERIES, declares the cover.) Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Well, he admits to liking The Dresden Files, and he seemed quite impressed by The Codex Alera, so he’s probably going to like this one too.” And you’d be correct. This is a good book. Let me explain why, in a spoiler-free sort of way.

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A New Day Dawns!

Good morning. I am the Dark Jackel, an odd, pedantic, lizard-like being, who reads too much and writes too seldom. I started this blog to address the latter concern, by doing a long form review of the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire (which starts here, for those interested.)  So far I have managed to stay on schedule, which is good. I have not managed to get ahead of schedule, which is disappointing, but I have decided to move forward with phase two of the Plan. (The Plan does not deserve the capital P, but I am feeling generous today.) Continue reading

Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 11: Jon 2


…he’s late.


The Dark One will be here soon. We can smell his approach.


Well. Great. Stay away from me.

…Hey there, puppies.


Dark One! Yay!


Thought you had given up.

Don’t tempt me. No, I was playing TIS-100.

Book Spirit: …excuse me?

It’s a game about programming, except it really is programming. Except you only have the most basic tools, and a very limited amount of space to work in.

Book Spirit: Uh-huh.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to take a sequence of numbers and return the lowest and highest value, without being able to directly compare two numbers.

Book Spirit: Right.

Given the virtual hardware limitations I’m working with, I’m not sure how to reduce the number of instructions to fit –

Book Spirit: Look, this is very interesting, but are you going to review this week or not?

Ah. Yeah, I suppose I should get to that. I’ll get that done and posted, so I can get back to work.

Book Spirit: You’ve got to be kidding me.

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Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 10: Tyrion 1

Let’s review: Anything posted, mentioned, or derided on this blog, is in fact the property of its respective owner and copyright holder, and is used for purposes of entertainment, edification, and the advancement of bad taste, not profit. If you feel anything of yours is being unfairly used and maligned, then do better next time.

Well. I haven’t heard from that so-called book spirit in a while. Either the jackal puppies are still chasing it…or the meds are working. Either way, I should be able to get through this chapter in relative peace.

So yeah, Tyrion. I have this dim sense that I’m going to dislike him in the future, but for the moment, he’s a good antidote for the hate I felt for the last chapter. As to why…well, let me summarize first.

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