A New Day Dawns!

Good morning. I am the Dark Jackel, an odd, pedantic, lizard-like being, who reads too much and writes too seldom. I started this blog to address the latter concern, by doing a long form review of the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire (which starts here, for those interested.)  So far I have managed to stay on schedule, which is good. I have not managed to get ahead of schedule, which is disappointing, but I have decided to move forward with phase two of the Plan. (The Plan does not deserve the capital P, but I am feeling generous today.)

So what is phase two, you ask? Well. It just so happens that several good books have been released recently, and I have decided to start doing short form, spoiler-free (mostly) reviews of certain books and series. These reviews will be titled “Things I’d Rather Be Reading” (for obvious reasons) and I will be posting them every other week, probably on Sundays (but we’ll see.)


So, will you be dropping your review of my book those weeks?

No, that should continue to release weekly, regardless of other factors…ah. By the way, if anyone happens to read this, and wonders what just asked that question: that is the Book Spirit, a fragment of my psychosis that split away to form a separate existence —


No, I’m the Spirit of the Book you are reading, come to defend it against your lack of taste!

— whatever. In any event, it usually just makes sarcastic comments, but sometimes it might have a legitimate point, so I try not to set the jackal puppies on it too often. pursuit

That’s us! Yay!

By the way, the jackals are quite real, and are a great comfort to me.

So yes, phase two, starting this weekend. There’s a phase three, as well — but that’s a secret. And for the first book I will review, well…


How about this one?

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