So, what can I say?

Hey, this is Dan Moncur, the human behind the Dark Jackel. He’d claim that he’s the one behind me, but whatever.

Last week, pretty much the day my last post went live, I was handed a piece of rather bad news. As a result, I am now looking for paying work. Such is life.

I spent the week since then polishing my resume, and considering whether to change the direction of my career. (Short conclusion: yes, if at all possible.) I had still intended to get the post for this week done, of course, and just before I sat down to write, I decided to drive to the gas station and get some cheap coffee.

And then the starter battery in my car died.

In a way, this was very fortunate; the next person due to leave was my wife, and we would have really been scrambling if she had learned that she needed a ride just before she had to leave. On the other hand, it does mean I had to spend hours tracking down the proper sized battery for my car, instead of writing for this blog.

And so, the next chapter of A Game of Thrones won’t go live til tomorrow. Sorry about that. Also, due to the aforementioned work situation, I most likely won’t get my review of the Acts of Caine up on Sunday. I’ll try. But I’ll probably fail.


Abject apologies aside, thank you for reading my insane, inane ramblings, and I hope you find them somewhat amusing. Oh, and go read some of the Unshaved Mouse‘s stuff, he’s been involved in some interesting things lately. Like VR.

Yours, Dan.


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