Hey there. Dan here. Happy New Year, everyone. I’m breaking character for this post, just so you know.

So I’m taking a couple weeks off, here, and I thought I’d let you guys know. Thanks for reading, and I hope I’ve been at least vaguely entertaining. Anyway, it being year’s end and all, I thought I’d just make a meta-post to talk about a few things I’ve had on my mind. Continue reading


Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 21: Eddard 4

Hey, there. Merry Christmas, or whatever, time-bound souls. Wish I could say that I was having a merry time, myself, but frankly, things are rough. My essence is unstable, my mortal shell is acting strangely, and I’ve been hearing worrisome noises coming from the Gate. Furthermore, Fang of Shadow is off doing his actual job, leaving me with no one to talk to. Oh, the book spirit came back, but now she’s hiding for some reason. No help there. Even the jackal puppies are off doing… something. They told me it was a secret, so I didn’t look into it.

Also, on top of everything else, I’m having trouble connecting to the internet. I know the problem, but it’s not something I can easily solve at this time. So the heavens alone know whether this can even be posted on time.

Well. Fortunate that my readership is small, then.

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What Would I Rather Be Reading? Part V: Japanese Light Novels

So. Once upon a time, there was a time where I really enjoyed Japanese animation a.k.a anime. (That time is now.) From watching anime, I grew interested in Japanese manga, basically graphic novels by western standards. (Still interested.) From manga, I became aware of light novels, and from there I learned about web novels. Thus, I traced a backwards arc of media development; as series become popular, they can evolve from web novels into light novels, and from there into manga or anime. So yes, IPs in Japan are exactly like Pokemon. I am sure this is not a coincidence.

Setting all that aside, I have mostly been reading light novels recently. So, what is a light novel? Continue reading

Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 20: Jon 3



“Hello, potential readers! I’ve been summoned called away, so I’ll have to do this chapter in absentia, as it were. The presentation might be a little strange… well, no big deal.

“Oh, if this is Fang of Shadow receiving this message, I think I know what happened to that damn spirit. I should be back in a couple days, we can go fetch her then. Ah, and if it’s that spirit seeing this… well, good job finding your way back, I guess.”

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Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 19: Catelyn 4

Ah. That time again, is it?


Awww, play with us some more!

Sorry, I have some work to do. We can play again later.



Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s chapter of A Game of Thrones. Once again, no one is around –


We are!

– except the puppies. Did you happen to see where that spirit went, little ones? Or Fang of Shadow?


The spirit lady got lost! We don’t smell her anymore! And Big Brother is really busy!

Wow… that’s worrisome in a lot of ways. Well, anyway, we have another Catelyn chapter today, so I’ll try to keep the vitriol to a minimum.

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Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 18: Bran 3


Well, well, well.

That’s interesting.


I was wondering why the kid wasn’t killed outright, but to think that guy would show up.

Fang of Shadow: I wouldn’t know, but apparently prophetic dreams on the edge of death are not uncommon. But the presence of Yatagarasu is certainly unusual.

Well, it’s a possibility.



Ah, spirit. No problems, I presume?

Book Spirit: No…the landscape keeps changing, though. And I keep seeing other gates in the distance…

Sorry about that. This space is going to be unstable for some time, so please bear with it.

Book Spirit: Why? What’s happening?

Fang of Shadow: Resonance. My true nature is invoked elsewhere, but by my own request I am still elsewise while here…

Book Spirit: …I’m sorry, I don’t understand that at all.

Well, it’s probably better not to dwell on it. Anyway, I have good news.

Book Spirit: Yes?

For the first time, something in this book has truly interested me.

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