Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 19: Catelyn 4

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s chapter of A Game of Thrones. Once again, no one is around –


We are!

– except the puppies. Did you happen to see where that spirit went, little ones? Or Fang of Shadow?


The spirit lady got lost! We don’t smell her anymore! And Big Brother is really busy!

Wow… that’s worrisome in a lot of ways. Well, anyway, we have another Catelyn chapter today, so I’ll try to keep the vitriol to a minimum.

Catelyn 4 (18)

Catelyn arrives in King’s Landing aboard a galley captained by a Tyroshi named Moreo. Her fingers still ache from the wound she had taken by grabbing the assassin’s dagger; the dagger itself she kept close to her. Ser Rodrik has spent the voyage seasick, and was nearly swept overboard in a sudden storm. His beard has been shaved off, leaving him somewhat unrecognizable.

At Moreo’s suggestion, the two take a room at a local inn. Catelyn takes a nap while Rodrik goes to the keep to consult with Ser Aron Santagar about the origin of her dagger. She wakes to pounding on the door. The City Watchmen outside tell her that they were to bring her to the castle on the orders of Lord Petyr Baelish, known as Littlefinger. Catelyn had known him as a boy; he had been her father’s ward, and had liked her quite a bit. But she had not seen or spoken to him since she had gone to marry into the Starks.

The guards take her to Littlefinger, who begins to chat familiarly with her. She is upset with him, however, and treats him coldly. He tells her that Lord Varys had known she was in the city, but Littlefinger had wanted to talk to her first. When he asks why she came to King’s Landing, she tries to put him off, but he sees directly through her excuse and continues to press her. However, Lord Varys arrives at that moment.

After greeting Catelyn, he asks to see the dagger, to her shock. She worries that something had happened to Ser Rodrik, but Varys assures her that he was fine, and had met with Ser Aron to ask about the dagger. Both had returned to the inn where Rodrik had left Catelyn, and were disturbed to find Catelyn gone. Catelyn is shocked by his knowledge, and Varys modestly reminds her that knowledge is his job. He finally prevails upon Catelyn to show him the dagger, and accidentally cuts his thumb on its edge. Seeing the dagger, Littlefinger claims that it belongs to him, and that he had lost it in a bet to the Imp, Tyrion Lannister.


And you can believe that just as far as you want to.

I’m never going to like Catelyn. That is a fact. But I would probably feel a bit better about her if she would ever show the slightest bit of self-awareness. Such as in this situation, where she is completely and utterly out of her fucking depth! Despite all her efforts toward speed and secrecy, Varys found her immediately, and whether her errand stays hidden like she wanted is entirely up to the eunuch and Littlefinger now. Her efforts to keep her presence secret were especially laughable, seeing as she made absolutely no effort to actually hide her identity. She is a spoiled rich girl, basically, and the thought that other people might have brains never once has crossed hers. I find it pretty gross, actually.

Now, I have a confession to make. It’s true that I’m not reading ahead in the book, and I’m also trying to avoid spoilers from other sources. (Like my home away from home, TVTropes. Terrible, that place.) However, if someone out and tells me something about it, there’s nothing much I can do about it, right? So I have a friend who is… let’s say, impressed by Littlefinger in these books. He’s even created a persona based on the man, for various reasons, and I’ve chatted with him about it on numerous occasions.

So I know that Littlefinger and Varys are two manipulative bastards, who are basically playing their own game against each other with everyone else as the pieces. Furthermore, I know that Littlefinger is sneaky, underhanded, and quite possibly entirely nihilistic. From this point of view, I can’t help viewing the reveal that the dagger had been in Tyrion’s hands with more than a little suspicion. The way it dovetails with Catelyn’s own prejudices is equally suspicious. Certainly, it may have been Tyrion that ordered Bran killed… but I’m starting to wonder if he might be framed, as well. Complicated plots, ahoy!

Well, that’s not bad, I guess. I didn’t know the connection between Littlefinger and Catelyn before this chapter, though; I wonder if his personality will also turn out to be Catelyn’s fault. It’s starting to look like I’ll be able to make the case that everything is her fault… how wonderful. 🙂

As for details I skipped in my summary, there was a good deal of description about the history of King’s Landing and the Red Keep, engagingly written, but I decided that it was superfluous to the action. Had to cut something, you know. Oh, and Catelyn probably pissed off Captain Moreo, but who cares, right?

That’s all I got for this week. I’m going to go play with the puppies now, so stay safe, everyone!


Yay! Let’s run, Dark One!

Next time: I’d like to say something about “another brick in the Wall”, but even I’m getting tired of that particular reference.


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