Hey there. Dan here. Happy New Year, everyone. I’m breaking character for this post, just so you know.

So I’m taking a couple weeks off, here, and I thought I’d let you guys know. Thanks for reading, and I hope I’ve been at least vaguely entertaining. Anyway, it being year’s end and all, I thought I’d just make a meta-post to talk about a few things I’ve had on my mind.

To begin with, you may have noticed that the persona I use to review A Game of Thrones has been a bit depressed lately. Well, that’s because I’ve been depressed lately myself. See, as I alluded to in earlier posts, I lost my job recently. And while I didn’t really care for the work, it paid the bills, and helped support my family. Basically, I feel like a failure. It’s rough.

Now, I’ve been putting off my hunt for a new job, partly because of my current depression, but mostly because I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do. It’s been demonstrated, fairly convincingly, that I can’t continue working in the field I was before. It’s not very convincing when I say it, but I tend to be somewhat misfortunate, and when that could affect people’s safety, I won’t get a lot of slack. So forklifts seem to be out. I have other warehouse experience, of course, but I honestly don’t see much of a future for myself in that field.

My friends and family have had various suggestions, of course. But at the end of the day, all I really want to do is write. I went to school for English Lit, after all, and I’ve always been interested in fiction. But you have to be really fortunate to make a living writing fiction, and as I mentioned, I am not fortunate at all. So I basically have to assume that I won’t be able to support my family writing fiction. (Not that I plan to stop.) Now, there are proof-reading or editing jobs I could do. But frankly, it’s been years since I did anything like that, and I have no idea what the expectations would be these days.

So what’s left to me? Entry-level junk? No way could I bring in enough money by doing that kind of work. Furthermore…my wife and I had been working opposite shifts, with myself working early morning, and my wife working afternoons. We basically had to do this, in order to get enough money to live on while keeping our children out of daycare. Incidentally, daycare would basically cost the same amount per month as one of us could make…so what would the point be? May as well not have a job at that point. Anyway, my wife has been trying to get a different job as well, and if that goes through, it will become incredibly hard to schedule any job I get to coincide.

Basically, I’ve got complicated feelings about the entire situation, making it hard to concentrate on side projects, like this one. I don’t intend to give this up, though, out of stubbornness if nothing else. So I’m just going to take some time off over the new year, to try to work something out. But I’ll be back soon-ish.

Let’s see, what else…we are a quarter of the way into A Game of Thrones, and I have mixed, negative feelings about the work. This may be an improvement; I would describe my previous emotions as purely negative. I like the weird parts: the Wall, the end of the world, Yatagarasu (yes, I know, it’s not really Yatagarasu), and basically anything to do with the actual threat called Winter. But all the political maneuvering, and the mindless violence of stupid humans, basically have no interest to me. And then there’s Daenerys, and the Queen, and that freaking bitch Catelyn… So for me at least, the rest of the book is likely to be a bit of a slog. But I’ll do it. Because no one hates me more than I do myself. (Hmm. That was supposed to be a joke, but it didn’t end up being very funny. Ah well.)

Moving on, in the other article I write, I really am recommending that you read those books/series. I try not to say too much about the plot, because I want you to go out and read them yourself. But you know, I would really love to go back later and do a full plot analysis and comparison. Something else to put on the back burner, I guess. And then there’s the big project…but that won’t be rolled out for a long time now. Especially if I can’t get my motivation out of neutral… Well. I’ll keep working.

Other than that? At the very least, my family is healthy. My 2 year old daughter is almost too healthy; I refer to her without irony as “an engine of destruction.” My 8 year old son is on winter break from school, and I look forward to the day he goes back. Not that he’s a bad boy; it’s just hard to keep him entertained every day. I wish he liked reading a bit more… My wife is doing well too, and trying to push her career in a new direction. And me?

Well, I’m just pulling myself together to take another stab at life. Hey, no point in quitting now, right? Just got to figure out a new angle…

Enough of that. Happy New Year, everyone, and may the new year bring new fortune for you and yours.


I’m aiming to have a new post in LRAGOT on Jan 13. After that, my normal schedule will resume.


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