Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 24: Daenerys 3

My daughter damaged one of the pages of this chapter. Literary criticism at its finest!


Daenerys 3 (23)

Dany is riding with Ser Jorah Mormont, on top of a ridge above the Dothraki grasslands. They are followed by a party including Viserys, but Dany decided that she didn’t want to listen to her brother whining again today. She leaves orders for everyone to remain behind, and rides off down the ridge by herself.

As she rides, she thinks back on the journey to this point. At first, riding had been a terrible ordeal. She had been completely unprepared for riding entire days, and her body had become a mass of sores and screaming muscles, and she began to consider death a preferable alternative. But one night, she had a dream of a dragon, which breathed flame at her that consumed her body without causing her pain. When she woke up that morning, she was feeling better, and afterwards she quickly healed and toughened to the point that riding became her favorite activity.

Viserys catches up to her as she slows to enjoy the scenery, and starts screaming at her for daring to give him orders. He tries to assault Dany, but she pushes him away, and one of Drago’s men hauls him off his horse with a whip. Dany stops her guards from injuring her brother, but insists that his horse be taken away and that he walk back to the khalasar. Viserys is furious, and commands Ser Jorah to hurt his sister and kill the Dothraki guards; but Jorah ignores him, and defers to Dany instead.

As Dany and Jorah ride back, they discuss Viserys, and Dany realizes that her brother would never succeed in re-conquering Westeros, no matter what kind of troops Drago gave him. She rides back to her tent in the khalasar, where a stray beam of sunlight hits her dragon eggs, causing a momentary illusion of flames. Later, she orders her handmaids to draw a bath, and while she bathes she discusses dragons with them. Dany had heard that dragons had come from the east, and she hopes that some might still live there. However, her maids tell her that there are no dragons left anywhere, disappointing her.

Much later, having crossed the Dothraki grasslands, Dany’s maid Jhiqui examines her and realizes that Dany is pregnant, although Dany already knows.


Bleah. Enough of that. Good evening, all, and welcome to my Game of Thrones project. Normally I’d find someone to comment, but today I’ve decided to work alone. Mostly so that I don’t have to explain why I glossed over the sex scene. I mean, give me a break already.

So, did anything of interest happen in this chapter? Well. Daenerys realized that her brother Viserys is a useless, feckless snake, and publicly shamed him. So good for her. Oh, and she’s pregnant at fourteen. Bleah. Who was it who said, “This can only end well,” in a sarcastic tone of voice?

Other than that, a good deal of prose is spent describing the Dothraki “sea” which Daenerys find quite beautiful. And a lot of details from other places are mentioned, giving the impression of a large, complex world setting. However, none of it seems entirely relevant at the moment, so I excluded it from my summary. And of course, there is lots of Dragon-y foreshadowing surrounding Dany, as always. Today’s development? Enhanced healing due to dragonfire dream. Weird stuff.

Yeah. That’s about it. Not really a short chapter, but it didn’t really amount to much. Huh.

Now I kinda wish I’d let Spydra hang around. At least I’d have someone to laugh at.

Well, let’s talk about my blog for a moment. I realized, somewhat belatedly, that it is really hard to navigate around. So, I’ve added a table of contents page, and listed all the chapters of GOT I’ve reviewed so far. It was…surprisingly time consuming. I initially wanted to have some sort of drop down menu, but the theme I’m using doesn’t seem to support menus very well. I also can’t find a simple way to make buttons that move from chapter to chapter. I tried to find support online, but it looks like I’d have to modify the theme, which seems complicated, or add some sort of plugin, which I don’t quite understand. Or possibly both. So yeah, enjoy my bargain basement Table of Contents. Once I write more chapters of A Living Will, I’ll probably add those to the TOC as well. Kind of a pain, but it somehow looks like the simplest option. And I’m a simple guy.

No, really. Why are you looking at me like that?

Urgh, I really want to be done with this project…ok, new goal. Another chapter of LRAGOT by Friday! …or a chapter of A Living Will, if I get it finished. Anyway, something on Friday. Yosh.

Seriously, I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh well. See you next time.















Wasn’t he supposed to be looking for work?


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