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So. You might have noticed that I missed Wednesday’s post. Worse yet, I didn’t post anything explaining why. Sorry about that.

Just so you know, I’m OK. But a number of things have caused me to delay writing the post for the next chapter, plus I want to handle it a little carefully…well, you’ll understand once I post it, I think.

I’m going to look for some time to write this weekend, so the delayed chapter should go up Saturday or Sunday. The chapter after that should go up on its normal day, Wednesday. Sorry, and thanks for your indulgence. Yeah that didn’t happen. Damn it. Fine, the next Catelyn chapter will go up on Wednesday. After that…we’ll see.

(Oh, and I’m going to try and hammer out Chapter 3 of A Living Will sometime in the next couple weeks. Mostly, I need to stop getting sidetracked and start the actual plot. 😦 )


Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 28: Eddard 6

Ahem. Let’s read A Game of Thrones!


Eddard 6 (27)

Janos Slynt, Commander of the City Watch, has come to complain to the king’s council about the security of King’s Landing during the buildup to the Hand’s tourney. He needs more men to combat the rise in crime. Lord Renly Baratheon is not sympathetic, but the King’s Hand Eddard Stark immediately orders more men hired, and commands Littlefinger to find the funds to pay them. He also temporarily detaches twenty men from his own guard to help the watch, and Slynt departs gratefully. After the man leaves, Ned grumbles about the tourney being held in his name, and Pycelle points out that such events are good for the realm, bringing wealth to many. Littlefinger and Renly start joking about whores, and the name of Renly’s prudish brother Stannis Baratheon comes up. Ned wonders aloud when Stannis would return from Dragonstone and resume his seat on the council, but the only response is another joke from Littlefinger. Continue reading

Let’s Read A Game Of Thrones! Part 27: Jon 4

It’s still Friday. Really.


Jon 4 (26)

Jon is practicing swordwork with his new comrades, when a new recruit enters the practice yard. It is an extraordinarily chubby boy, who is obviously intimidated by his surroundings. Ser Allister Thorne orders him to get equipped at the armory, where the armorer Donal Naye had to completely customize armor to fit his girth. When the boy was finally equipped, Ser Allister set him to fight against Halder, a former stonemason apprentice. The newcomer is completely destroyed by Halder, and yields; but Thorne tells the boy to get back up, and incites Halder to strike him until he does. At this point Jon intervenes, and prevents Halder from attacking the boy further. Incensed, Ser Allister calls two more people, Rast and Albett, to join Halder; unbidden, Pyp and Grenn reinforce Jon, and it becomes a 3 vs. 3 battle. Jon fights Halder, and in exchange for a heavy blow to his shoulder, he breaks Halder’s balance and defeats him. Grenn is holding his own against Albett, but Pyp is hard-pressed against Rast. Jon intervenes with a strike to Rast’s helm, and Pyp is able to take advantage to defeat the bigger man. Jon turns to help Grenn, but Albett surrenders rather than face two opponents. Furious, Ser Allister stalks off. Continue reading

Let’s Read A Game Of Thrones! Part 26: Eddard 5

Ugh…neck pain is painful…


Eddard 5 (25)

Eddard Stark is chatting with Grand Maester Pycelle, about the death of Jon Arryn. Pycelle tells him that, in retrospect, Lord Jon had seemed to be subtlety declining for some time. However, one day he came to borrow a certain book from Pycelle, and by the next day he had collapsed. He did not recover, but steadily weakened, and none of the attending doctors could help him. He died in the presence of his wife, Lady Lysa, as well as King Robert. His last words were “The seed is strong.” When Ned asks whether Jon Arryn’s death seemed unnatural, Pycelle says that he considers it fairly normal, but dodges Ned’s question about whether he had ever seen it before. When Ned suggests that he might have been poisoned, Pycelle claims that it would be unlikely, but at the same time tries to divert Ned’s suspicions onto the eunuch, Varys. Ned begins to leave, but on impulse asks to examine the book Lord Jon had asked to see before he collapsed. Pycelle promises to find the book and send it to him. Continue reading

What Would I Rather Be Reading? Part VII: Digger (and others)

This is coming later than I anticipated, but I expected that. While WordPress will list this as posted on Monday, it’s still Sunday where I live. So I win! Now. Has everyone gone and read Digger? No?

No problem, you can still go do that now.

….What, still not going? You’re only hurting yourself, you know.

So you’re probably wondering why I seem so insistent that you check this one out. Well, it is excellent in many ways. The art is good, the story is fantastic, and the characters are…well. You know the usual moral relativism, grey vs. grey morality, right? Basically, everyone has a dark side, no one is pure, that sort of thing? That is very much not in evidence in Digger; instead, if I were to say that everyone is a good person, I would be exaggerating only slightly. Every character has reasons for their actions and stances, and though some parties are more reasonable than others, there is almost no malice between characters. Which is not to say there isn’t conflict; there is a lot of conflict, but it is almost always generated from the clash of different cultures and worldviews, and once common ground is found the characters get along reasonably well. (There is, of course, one major exception, behind the majority of the plot. But the narrative to reach that point is so well constructed, I would never dream of spoiling it for you.) Continue reading

Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 25: Bran 4

Just sliiiiigtly late today. Time management, fail!


Bran 4 (24)

Bran is in his tower, watching Rickon playing with the three direwolves from his window. He is quite bitter because he can’t join them, and angry at the crow from his dream for tricking him into thinking he could fly. He is listening to Old Nan, an old woman who had come to Winterfell a long time in the past as a wet nurse for a different Brandon Stark, and who occasionally seemed to confuse Bran with that child, or with Bran’s uncle who was killed by the old Targaryen king. Old Nan is trying to tell him stories, but he is sick of listening to her. He thinks about his family, broken and scattered, and feels lonely and isolated. Old Nan finally grabs his attention with a story about the Others, the white walkers, who appeared during a dark, unending winter, and who hated and slaughtered the living without mercy. She speaks of a hero, who set forth to find the children of the forest with companions, and how he was pursued by the Others and hounded until all his companions were gone… Continue reading

Wait, what day is it today?



I think I was supposed to put up a ‘What Would I Rather…” this weekend.


OK, next weekend, definitely. But for now, go read this webcomic.

It’s called Digger. It’s about a wombat. It’s pretty awesome.

It’s free, so you really don’t have an excuse not to read it. It’s complete, too, so you won’t have to worry about catching up with the latest strip.

Seriously, you’d be missing out if you don’t give it a try. Go read Digger.

You’ll be glad you did. And I’ll mention some other works by Ursula Vernon, which are also pretty cool, next weekend. I promise.

I won’t spend the entire weekend reading web novels. That would be wrong.

Normal LRAGOT on Wednesday. See ya then.