Scraps and Pieces

So, once again I haven’t posted anything in a month. Dammit.

Do I have an excuse? Sure, lots of them. Do they make a difference? No.

The biggest problem, though, is that whenever I tell myself to sit down and write the next chapter of A Living Will, I immediately feel all the motivation draining out of me. Maybe I should just drop it…? I really like the characters, though. Zedda, Metria, and the as yet unnamed young-woman-with-a-problem…plus the posthumous Serpha and the weapon Arkesis. There’s a lot of potential for interesting stuff here, if I can just sit down and write it… Sigh…

Well, since it’s been a month, and since I do have people following the blog (for…some reason?) I do want to post something tonight, so, hmmm. What can I talk about…ah, got it.

So, A Living Will is not the only story I’ve started writing, and then left sizzling on the back burner. In fact, have I ever completed anything…let’s not go there. Anyway, here are a few stories that I’ve started, or at least put a little thought into.

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