Scraps and Pieces

So, once again I haven’t posted anything in a month. Dammit.

Do I have an excuse? Sure, lots of them. Do they make a difference? No.

The biggest problem, though, is that whenever I tell myself to sit down and write the next chapter of A Living Will, I immediately feel all the motivation draining out of me. Maybe I should just drop it…? I really like the characters, though. Zedda, Metria, and the as yet unnamed young-woman-with-a-problem…plus the posthumous Serpha and the weapon Arkesis. There’s a lot of potential for interesting stuff here, if I can just sit down and write it… Sigh…

Well, since it’s been a month, and since I do have people following the blog (for…some reason?) I do want to post something tonight, so, hmmm. What can I talk about…ah, got it.

So, A Living Will is not the only story I’ve started writing, and then left sizzling on the back burner. In fact, have I ever completed anything…let’s not go there. Anyway, here are a few stories that I’ve started, or at least put a little thought into.

Discard and Draw

Plot: A middle-aged car mechanic is caught up in a hero summoning targeting a nearby high school student. When the authors of the spell, gods of a different world, realize they had grabbed an extra person by mistake, they quickly determine the correct hero and abandon the older man in the space between worlds. He is discovered in that non-place by an ancient, abandoned god, who offers him the opportunity to complete the transfer to a new world, in order to look for a way home.

Notable characters:

Joseph “Joe” Stackholm: Middle-aged mechanic and family man. He was going to meet his son when he happened to pass by a certain high school student, just as she was summoned to another world. Friendly and a hard worker, but built like a Viking warrior with a face like a bandit.

Greyfriar: A ‘god’ of the group of spirits known as “The Forgotten”. His domain is Secrets, Mystery, and Surprise [Revelation]. Takes the form of an animate grey robe, with nothing but darkness beneath the hood; one of his hands seems aged and infirm, while the other seem young and healthy. For some reason, which hand is which is not always the same…

Progress: A decent prologue/introduction, one long chapter-part, one short chapter-part, and one incomplete chapter-part; about 6000 words in all. And a boatload of ideas of where I want the story to go.

Other notes:

  • The themes of the story, such as they are, are Gods using mortals as playing pieces, searching ruins for information lost to history, and how when everything is perfectly balanced one unexpected person can cause untold damage. Inspired by Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, among other things.
  • According to Greyfriar, Joe simply getting caught up in the Usurper’s spell was already a great victory for the Forgotten, and everything further he does for Joe is out of simple gratitude. However, can Joe trust the words of something as unknowable as a god…?
  • There is basically two stories being followed: Joe is the MC, of course, but a good deal of time will be spent following the events happening in the world, mainly from the point of view of the summoned hero, Autumn, and the Emperor of Caris (who no longer has any other name, by the way). The two lines don’t often intersect, but when they do, expect catastrophic changes to the status quo. 😀
  • Two of my favorite characters, Joe and the Emperor, are around 40 years old. Why the hell am I writing about ossans? 😛
  • The hero is a girl. She is not stupid. That is all.
  • I originally envisioned the series as a trilogy.

Waking in the Deep (temporary title)

Plot: A man wakes up in a large, dark room. His memories have been reduced to fragments, and he is assaulted by continual hunger. He must find his way from the depths of this place, an abandoned, ancient complex, to the surface. Along the way, he may learn much about the true history of his world, but the truth to his own existence, may lie only on the surface.

Characters: The more I think about it, the more I feel like I shouldn’t be revealing anything about the characters…especially the main character. Mm, I’ll give you this: the MC is not suffering from amnesia; it’s a good deal worse than that. 😀

Progress: One chapter with several parts, incomplete. ~4000 words. Including a prologue that I wrote but am 75% sure I will discard most of, ~9000 words. I like the prologue because it is very misleading, but it has a much different tone than the rest of the work. It might work as a prologue to a second volume, though, now that I think about it… :/

Other notes:

  • In the planning stages for this one, assuming I ever left the planning stages, I actually drew a rough map of the facility he is in. My art skills remain suck. 😛
  • The themes are escaping the dungeon, changing epochs, and questions of memory and identity. I was heavily inspired by Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter and lightly inspired by Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou.
  • The MC doesn’t have to go alone, he gains companions along the way. Each one will be connected to the epoch that particular section of the ruins represents.
  • I find his first companion a lot more interesting and endearing than the MC. This is a problem, isn’t it? Or is it a good thing? 😐
  • I mentioned it above, but the series would have at least two volumes. Possibly more. The themes of the second volume would feature identity more prominently, while the emphasis on history would be reduced but still present. No, when I think about it, I would need at least three volumes, and probably more, there is a lot of stuff that has to happen. I’m just not sure what to fill the rest in with… :/
  • Should I make it out of the first volume, the actual antagonist will show up. He’s probably my second favorite character in the setting. (The poor MC keeps getting pushed back, I hate to think how he’d suffer if I actually wrote some more…)


Sharpening the Fang

Plot: A man wakes up in a forest, after having fallen asleep on the outskirts of a desert. He has fallen into another world…again. This one seems less peaceful than the last world — but it’s still not as dangerous as his original world. May as well take a look around, then, and see what there is to see. Like elves. And monsters. And deities. And a shocking reunion that makes him question just how random his arrival in this world might have been…


Feng: The MC. This is his second trip between worlds, and he is not doing it intentionally. Messy dark hair, pale blue eyes, and obviously out-of-place clothing. Calm and kind, and not easily nonplussed. He seems to be completely unintimidated by anything, and he has good reason…

Arafel tel Canvarressinti: A young elf woman who finds Feng sleeping in a dangerous forest. She saves his life (?), and the two continue to associate due to various circumstances. She is the scout for a party of roving monster hunters, and usually has a calm and intelligent air about her. However, something about Feng causes her to lose her cool quite often, to the visible amusement of her fellow party members. Her short brown hair is unusual for an elf.

Progress: Two short-ish chapters, about 2500 words. I suddenly want to go back to it, though…

Other notes:

  • MC is OP. Not as OP as he was on his original world, but much better than he appears.
  • Ara is not OP. I don’t know when she will come to realize that Feng is actually much more powerful than she is… I don’t think it will hurt their relationship, though.
  • Themes are…actually, I’m not sure what the themes actually are. There’s a little comedy, a little exploring, a lot of Feng doing the unsung hero bit… Well, but things might get unexpectedly dark toward the end. And there is a giant twist, which I somewhat alluded to in the plot summary.
  • I have names, races, and personalities for Ara’s party members, which is pretty thorough, for me. It’s kinda nice to observe the idiosyncrasies of a long-established, functional party, don’t you think? Feng thinks so. 😀
  • As mentioned, this is Feng’s third world. His first world was a Sci-Fi dystopia, his second world was Earth. Honestly, the time he spent on Earth was weirder, in a way, than the fantasy world he’s in now. I think I know why, too, but I can’t spoil too much here… 😛
  • Once again, envisioned as a trilogy. I might be able to polish it off in two, though. Eh, maybe not.

Hmm. I thought this would go quickly, but as I look back at what I have written, I get caught up in it again. OK. I have three more titles I can tell you about, but let’s save them for another day.
Two weeks. If I haven’t written that damn chapter of A Living Will by that point, I’ll take some time to tell you about The Nameless Epic, The New Homeland War, and The Altar, The Stone, The Boy, The Void. Deal?


One thought on “Scraps and Pieces

  1. Hehe the pains if having too much you want to write! I really want to work on my other two ideas but i know if i starts… its all over it’ll be hard to go back and finish the last one! Sigh… if only we could just convienently extract the stories from out heads


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