A Living Will, Part 4: Convene the Dead

A/N: It took me two weeks to get this done. But, that’s a 92% improvement over six months, so that’s good, right? Right?

When I post chapter 5, I’ll also post a synopsis on the TOC page, so people will be able to tell what the story is actually about. Hm? Why not post it now? I just want to reveal it in the chapters first. In case I change my mind.

-And greetings to you as well, Metricarisenikai. But it’s unusual,- I said, casting my words in the current tongue, rather than the ancient language that Metria had greeted me with. -You are not generally given to formality. Is something wrong?-

He smoothly switched languages and said, “I merely wished to give you a proper greeting. It has been many years since we last spoke, after all.”

-Not so many as that. It has been less than a century, by my reckoning.- Continue reading


A Living Will, Part 3: A Common Welcome

So. The last time I updated this story was about five and a half months ago. I blame Baera. It will not take me months to put out the next update. Because Baera isn’t going to show up. (I hope.) By the way, the new featured image was stolen from the internet, just like I get all my images. I hope no one minds…

In the end, it took me about a week to step through the doors of Metricarisenikai’s latest establishment. I admit that I don’t understand mortal taste in decoration, but my personal impression was quite positive: clean, well-ordered, and in no way extravagant. Probably well-lit, too, judging by the numerous lamps. I don’t use light to see with, and I have difficulty in perceiving it at all. Except sunlight, which I perceive all too easily.

I can judge colors just fine. Make of that what you will.

In any event, upon entering I scanned the booths and tables for signs of my erstwhile ally, but Metricarisenikai was nowhere to be seen among the patrons and servers. However, I could see the bar itself through a large archway at the back of the room. Judging that it would be reasonable to ask the barkeep about Metricarisenikai’s current location, I chose a clear path between the tables to make my advance. Continue reading