A Living Will, Part 6: Ancient Fears

It’s irritating. Even after seven hundred and eighty-seven years on this planet, I still can’t seem to improve at all.

Today, for instance, I stood there in front of him, with Serpent’s Grace around my arm and every sense concentrated on watching his every move — and I didn’t even realize that he was carrying his weapon until he drew it. No, even worse than that, I had specifically noted that he wasn’t carrying it, and wondered why. I knew that Arkesis was powerful, but I had no idea that it could conceal itself from me. Another unpleasant surprise from my old mentor.

At the same time, I can’t say that I was too shocked. He was the most frightening of our select community, before the rest all disappeared. When any of us forgot our duties, and moved against the mortal world in a way that did not conform to the will of the Reaper Lords, he was the one who passed the judgement and carried out the execution. I was certain he had secrets that I would never know, until it was too late.

Zagadactulus Invodotus Gedarasus. Zedda the Inquisitor. From the day I met him, I had always feared him. I was fairly certain that if he realized my current thoughts, he would execute me immediately. And I… I didn’t want to die again. Continue reading


It’s not writer’s block. It’s ennui.

Apropos of nothing: things get really weird when you copy from Google Docs into WordPress, and then copy back into Docs. I fully admit, I don’t get it even slightly. It’s probably entirely WordPress’ fault, though.

Well anyway.

I really, really wanted to finish Chapter 6 by today. Sadly, that didn’t happen. A combination of procrastination, scheduling errors, and a number of things coming up at the last moment. Mostly procrastination, though.

So. Because I want to post something today, let me just drop a really short story on you. It’s called Shadowborn: Will you intervene?, and it can be found at this link. Continue reading

A Living Will, Part 5: The Gods Do Fade

Hmph. So Baera was telling the truth. The thought passed idly through my head. But since there was no real need to let Metria know I had spoken with his Lord, I instead responded, -Gone? Has something happened while I was away?-

“Various things. Over the years…a few faded out, a few more sacrificed themselves… Before I knew it, I was the last one of us left…” Metria trailed off. He seemed to have been greatly saddened by the passing of our brethren, to the point where he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, keep his emotions from showing on his face.

I, on the other hand, could only feel glad for them. We, the dead which serve the Lords, are wholly unnatural existences, indefinitely delayed from our true destiny. Being released from our burden is a thing to rejoice over, not grieve. Although. It does sound a little hypocritical coming from me, who has strode this world for well over a millennium.

Of course, whether I rejoiced or grieved, no one would ever know. The advantage of not having a face, I suppose. Continue reading