It’s not writer’s block. It’s ennui.

Apropos of nothing: things get really weird when you copy from Google Docs into WordPress, and then copy back into Docs. I fully admit, I don’t get it even slightly. It’s probably entirely WordPress’ fault, though.

Well anyway.

I really, really wanted to finish Chapter 6 by today. Sadly, that didn’t happen. A combination of procrastination, scheduling errors, and a number of things coming up at the last moment. Mostly procrastination, though.

So. Because I want to post something today, let me just drop a really short story on you. It’s called Shadowborn: Will you intervene?, and it can be found at this link.

Now, I wasn’t originally planning on publishing this. Setting aside a few issues with the writing itself, the story doesn’t connect to anything else I’m currently working on, and I’m not sure where it would go from here. But I did write it, so I may as well just throw it on here. I hope it’s at least a little interesting.

In other news: I added a new menu to the site. Aptly named “Other”, it contains one-off stuff like this story and the Kingdomfall Academy prologue I published earlier; it also has the small number of reviews I’ve done for this site.

As for KA, once I get a few more chapters into A Living Will, I’ll probably start working on that story as well. Don’t hold your breath, though, I’m going to try and build up a decent stock of chapters before I start releasing that title. Not that I dislike posting chapters when I finish them, like with ALW, but I write really slowly, so it’s frustrating to try and maintain a schedule. As today’s post no doubt suggests.

Finally. I promise to release ALW Chapter 6 just as soon as it’s done. Well, after checking it for typos and stupid sentences, of course. I don’t get ’em all the first time, but I like to think I catch most of them… 😛

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