Sadly, there will be no chapters of ALW until December. Almost definitely.

Yeah, didn’t manage to finish the ninth chapter this month. Sorry. I’ve been busy. And I read too much. 😦

But on the plus side, I’ve done my initial character set-up and plotted a number of events for my NaNoWriMo attempt. Well, I’ve done less with the actual setting, so that’s going to be made up as I go along… I’m sure it will be fine… -_-;

Anyway, I’ve decided on writing a fantasy/mystery novel, about an intelligent but good-for-nothing duke’s son, and his slightly hyper-competent servant. Basically, a foreign noble girl is going to get killed (or possibly put into a coma, I’m not sure yet) and the duke’s son will take the blame, causing the servant to run around trying to prove his innocence. That’s the basic idea, anyway; as usual, the longer I think about it, the more complicated it becomes… Well, at least I figured out who actually did the crime, so I’m not going in completely blind this time. 😛

Each day, I’m going to be posting progress reports on this blog, along with an interesting line or two (you know, if I manage to write anything interesting that day). This is mainly an accountability thing for myself, but I appreciate any and all words of encouragement as I go, together with appropriate ridicule as I fall further and further behind… Well, setting that aside, I’ll post the unedited text of whatever I manage to finish on the 30th, and I’ll work on completing/editing the story from there. That’s my plan, anyway.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you luck with any projects you may be attempting at this time as well! 😉


I think my soul is bleeding. Are there soul bandages?

Hey. Long time no see. So, yeah, I finally managed to finish ALW chapter 8. Yay. Honestly, I have no idea why this chapter was so hard for me, since I had a good idea of exactly what needed to happen in it. But it ended up being really painful. Seriously, I feel like I was cutting strips off my soul to finish this one. Yargh.

But, hey, it’s behind me now. As for chapter 9…I don’t know. I want to release it before the 31, but it entirely depends on how much time I find to actually write during the next week and a half. So, no promises. I’ll try, though.

Moving on. I think I have my idea for Nanowrimo next month … but there’s a problem. See, I want to write a fantasy-style murder mystery, but I don’t have any idea who actually committed the crime. It wasn’t the main characters, and it wasn’t suicide, and it wasn’t an elaborate fake — I don’t know enough yet, is what I’m saying. So I’ll be spending a lot of time storyboarding in the next week, trying to get the details down. So yeah, another thing slowing down work on ALW. So it goes.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings, and I’ll be back soon with more updates. Of something. We’ll see.

A Living Will, Part 8: These Unknown Streets

Apparently, to many mortals, skulls appear to be grinning all the time. Something about the exposed teeth, perhaps, giving the illusion of mirth. I’ve never seen it, myself; I’ve always felt my permanent expression looked more like a grimace. Nevertheless, I’m sure that anyone who happened to watch me leave Metricarisenikai’s bar would have recognized the expression on my lack of a face as a grin; I had far too much fun tormenting him today. Good thing my high collar hid whatever expression I might have.

In fairness, Metricarisenikai’s fears were not entirely unfounded. I have certainly killed an uncountable number over the years, living and dead alike. It is my duty to remove the Cultivations of the Gods, and those of our brethren that no longer properly serve the Lords. And on occasion, the collateral damage could become quite excessive.

But I had no intention of eliminating Metria at this time. Setting aside his undeniable usefulness, watching his panicked reactions was an amusing pastime of mine. And besides … his longevity was extremely unusual, among those of us who serve the Lords. Especially, those chosen to serve Baera tended to burn out quickly, or sacrifice themselves on a moment’s notice. But Metricarisenkai had lasted over seven centuries. Somewhere, under that nervous, fragile looking exterior, was a strong and stable soul. So as long as he was willing to blame Baera for his own proclivities, I would happily pretend to take his word for it. Continue reading