NaNoWriMo, day 1

Well. I’m started, anyway. It’s painful for me not to revise, though; I hated about a third of what I wrote. Meh. Digressed quite a bit, too. Maybe I better stop analyzing it before I convince myself to start over…

Total words: 1802 (1802 today)

Words left: 48,198

On par (based on a 1667 words/day average): +135


Karis stared at his book while muttering under his breath. Briar gazed calmly at him, then tilted his head slightly.

“May I ask a question, sir?”

“Mm? Of course, Mr. Sevon.”

“That is a book of fiction, correct?”

“Historical fiction, but yes.”

“Perhaps the author simply made it up, then?”

Karis blinked. “You mean, just threw them in because they sounded good?”

“Exactly, sir.”


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, day 1

    1. Until the last day (the 30th) I’m only going to be posting excerpts of what I wrote each day. At the end, I’ll post everything I managed to complete, hopefully at least the full 50,000 words. I’ll tell you right now, though, the story won’t have reached the ending by that point, unless I am very very wrong. As of today, heading for the halfway point, I’m only just finishing up the scene where the MC is investigating the scene of the crime. Well, we’ll see how it goes… 😉

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