Day 3

I haven’t quite finished the second scene, but I’m going to stop now before I start dripping pure nonsense onto the page. Absolutely could not get into a groove today. Learned that lying on the bed is conducive to accidentally taking naps, rather than writing.

Total words: 5205 (1752 today)

Words left: 44795

On par: +204


And so today was a day like any other, with Karis attending classes he shouldn’t have been, Briar trailing along behind, and everyone else attempting to find out if glaring at Karis might actually cause him to drop dead. So far, it hadn’t been successful, but apparently they were willing to keep trying. If there was anything unusual, it was that Maledicta hadn’t ambushed the two yet this morning. Karis was slightly disappointed, and was considering attending one of the classes she was in later, just to see if she would even try to recruit Briar during class. He was reluctant to get her in trouble with the instructors … but it would be her own fault, of course.

Had Briar known what his master was thinking, his first thought would probably have been to wonder just when Karis had learned Maledicta’s schedule.

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