Day 4

Really, really wasn’t feeling it today. Procrastinated all day. Bleh. But, I finally hit a groove for a while, so it turned out OK. I feel I explored a lot of stuff I didn’t have to, though…? And I realized after I finally started that I had skipped a scene I had planned for… Oh well, I’ll go back and add the “young noble stalker” sequence tomorrow. 😛

Total words: 7103 (1898 today)

Words left: 42897

On par: +435


Instead, he said, “Tell me, du Migel. Are you acquainted with Miss Maledicta Foursquare?” Seberian did not miss the brief moment of shock that passed over Karis’ face, before his habitual smile completely disappeared. Briar, meanwhile, just narrowed his eyes.

“I’d say that we are fairly well acquainted with the young woman, yes. Surely nothing has happened to her?” Karis’ voice was filled with polite concern, but his eyes seemed slightly anxious as he asked.

Headmaster Seberian looked levelly at Karis, and flatly said, “Just a little while earlier, Miss Foursquare was discovered in her room, apparently dead of poison. And you, Karis du Migel dan Fernifar, have been accused of murdering her.”


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