Day 5

Made it again, somehow. Procrastinated til even later than yesterday… I think? I don’t really remember. Stalker-noble turned out to be more competent than expected, but he still isn’t very smart, so that’s good, he got the job done. Now I kinda want him to show up later, though… Maybe I’ll give him a section during the epilogue?

Total words: 8539 (1436 today)

Words left:41461

On par: +204

Excerpt: (This started as a simple description, and then kinda wandered away on me. Should I break it up?)

Duke Maes du Migel dan Fernifar was a huge, bear-like figure. His face was fairly ugly, by the Kingdom’s standards, but it fit his preference perfectly. Maes didn’t care for beautiful things; even his wife had been considered quite plain, for a noble. But behind the duke’s rugged exterior lay a shrewd and retentive mind. He had more knowledge than his second son, he was more ruthless than his third son, and he had far more sense than his first son. Briar had always felt that Duke Maes was slightly disappointed by the quality of his first and third son, although he loved them in his own harsh way. As for his second son … Karis’ treatment had always seemed strange and inconsistent. Despite openly admitting that Karis was a good-for-nothing and a cripple, Maes often seemed to be shielding his second son from the rest of the Kingdom’s society. Despite the constant undercurrent of hostility he often showed toward Karis, the young man was allowed to learn anything he wanted, even though he would never be able to put any of his knowledge to use. And above all, despite all kinds of pressure, the duke refused to cast Karis out of House Fernifar, to fend for himself.

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