Day 6

Got the quota done early today, went quite well. Managed to push into the section for tomorrow early as well. The plot is well and truly underway, too, so yay! Most of today’s writing was the duke chewing out Briar for no real reason, so it was quite fun, too. 😉

Total words: 10459 (1920 today)

Words left: 39541

On par: +457


“And so, it falls to you now, Mr. Sevon.” Duke Maes opened a drawer in his desk, and pulled out an envelope. He gestured Briar over, and slapped the envelope into the servant’s hands. “Read that. No, not here,” he said, waving his hand to stop Briar from opening the envelope on the spot. “It is a writ of authority from the king, as well as a few sheets of information of what is known so far about this incident. Take them, and go investigate in my name. Find out what actually happened to Maledicta Foursquare. Get me names, get me motives, and get me evidence. Clear my son’s name, Mr. Sevon, so I can get the other vicious bastards off my back. In that way, atone for the error of letting this mess happen in the first place. Do you understand, Mr. Sevon?”

“Yes, milord, I understand perfectly. I swear to accomplish my task without fail.” Briar bowed again, holding the envelope to his chest, as he accepted his new commission.

“Good,” huffed the duke. “Mr. Sevon, the other houses should believe you to be an untrained and ignorant Mage Aspirent, to be suppressed at will. Little do they know that under my tutelage, you have already become a full, adult Mage, and an Esoterica Mage at that! If you can, I’d like to preserve their ignorance for awhile longer, but if not,” Duke Maes’ lips curled up into a cruel grin, “feel free to disabuse them of their preconceptions.”

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