Day 7

Briar is getting tongue-lashed again for things he can’t control, by the official investigator for the case this time. Is this going to be a thing now, where things happen and Briar has to listen to everyone complain about it? 😐

Total words: 12079 (1620 today)

Words left: 37921

On par: +410


Parrow looked up from the paper with narrowed eyes. “So, you are Briar Sevon, servant of House Fernifar. I didn’t expect, after the Duke refused to let me interrogate you, that you would waltz into my office of my own accord.” He sneered, “And now the king himself wants me to hand over my investigation to you … What a joke!”

“I have no intention of interfering in your investigation, Investigator. I have merely been instructed to ask you for any information you have pertaining to the near-fatal poisoning of Maledicta Foursquare, which I will relay to my master the Duke, and then I will be out of your way.”

“Ha!” spit out Parrow. “Do you think I can’t read, boy? Duke Maes obviously believes that I won’t run an upright investigation, so he sent an errand boy to watch over my shoulder by borrowing the king’s good will. Well, the king can’t do just anything he wants, Mr. Sevon, and so I would suggest you don’t get too comfortable with the contents of this paper here. If nothing else, I’m sure Prime Minister Ramse will have a word or two to say about this!”

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