Day 8

I was completely not inspired to work on this at all today. Put it off so long, I wasn’t even sure what I was going to write next. Finished off this scene, though, although I’m not especially happy with it. 100% necessary, though… 😦

…I need sleep.

Total words: 13748 (1669 today)

Words left: 36252

On par: +412


“What is your relationship with Miss Maledicta Foursquare?”

Sevon, obviously expecting the question, promptly replied, “Miss Foursquare is a fellow student of my master at the Academy. About two weeks ago, she first approached me about ending my service to House Fernifar, and becoming a member of her own merchant house. Naturally I refused, but she kept seeking me out almost daily to press me to accept her offer.”

“Was Karis du Migel accompanying you during those encounters?”

“Indeed. I seldom leave my master’s side during his excursions outside the Fernifar house, just as a precaution.”

“Basically, you are his bodyguard?”

Sevon shook his head. “Nothing so formal. In the first place, I would probably be insufficient if someone actually meant him true, premeditated harm. I was merely there to prevent … accidents.”

Parrow grunted quietly to himself, as he privately agreed with Briar Sevon’s assessment. In the first place, the presence of bodyguards on the Academy campus was restricted rather severely; the staff wanted to foster trust in their own security measures. Sadly, their prestige had taken quite a hit this time, and Parrow thought it likely that high ranking families would be pushing for allowing “attendants” who, coincidentally enough, had a rather strong combat bias. The Investigator didn’t envy Academy security in the coming months, but fortunately that was one problem that he wouldn’t have to deal with.


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