Day 9

Well, I got further than I thought. Mostly because someone added herself to the end of the scene at the last second. I think it worked well, though, but now I’ve got to work out her role going forward. Hmm, she’s kinda got the Waif Prophet thing going on… Anyway. I was really depressed that the face of America for the next four (eight?) years is going to be Trump. I seriously thought he had no chance in hell…and now I’m forced to wonder if I’m actually living in the wrong country. Seriously, this is not OK… 😦

Total words: 16018 (2270 today)

Words left: 33982

On par: +1015


“But I know that wasn’t what you were asking,” Karis added as Briar opened his mouth to object. “You want to know if I am romantically interested in the woman.”

Briar closed his mouth, then nodded silently.

Karis sighed. “Briar, I will never be allowed to have a wife, nor children. Any affection I may have for Miss Foursquare, it will never amount to anything more than friendship at best.”

Briar was shocked. “I … This is the first time I’ve heard this, Karis. What do you mean, you won’t be allowed to …” He trailed off, unable to finish.

“This was decided before I was even a year old, Briar. Long before you were taken in by father, and the House, I had the rules of my continued existence explained to me. They are … harsh, at times. I will never have a wife, I will never leave the Capital, and …” Karis failed to finish his sentence, his expression sad.

“Isn’t this too much!?” shouted Briar in anger. “Just because you were born without magic, they curtail your life so completely? That’s ridiculous, Karis!”

Behind his glasses, Karis’ eyes narrowed, and his expression looked grim. “No, Briar, it isn’t. There are very, very good reasons for the restrictions I live under. Trust me, it isn’t an overreaction.”


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