Day 10

I didn’t want to do anything today. Come to that, I still don’t want to do anything today. I managed to write a few words, at least, although its a good thing I was so far ahead yesterday. Meh. Anyway, so I’ve written up a guideline for the magic system used in my novel (separately from the daily word count, it’s actually scrawled on an actual notebook) but I haven’t really worked any explanations in, yet. However, I keep dropping terms that obviously have meaning, that I haven’t explained yet. I really don’t want to do an exposition dump right in the beginning, so eventually I’m going to have to find places to put explanations back in the stuff I’ve already written. So yeah. I’m not sure where I was going with that, it’s getting kinda late. I hope I feel better tomorrow… 😐

Total words: 17129 (1111 today)

Words left:32871

On par: +459


And so Briar bowed his head to the old man, and said, “I didn’t realize you were expecting me, Instructor, or I would have certainly come sooner. I’ve been a bit … busy, today, and it looks like it’s going to be a long night as well.”

“I imagine,” said the old warrior drily. “I doubt the boyo is going to take this nonsense lying down. Looking for proof that he didn’t hurt the little girl, are you?”

“More like, looking for proof that someone else did, sir. It seems that there isn’t any proof that Master Karis poisoned her in the first place, but no one seems to care.” Briar shook his head, then looked inquisitively at Sir Arata. “You seem convinced that he wasn’t the one who poisoned her? Why is that, may I ask?”

Sir Arata grinned widely. “Because I know how that boyo thinks, Sevon, just like I know how you think. If du Migel wanted the girl dead, she’d be dead, and no one would know how, no one would know why, and no one would ever find out that it was him.”

Briar furrowed his brow. “We don’t know why, we don’t have a very good idea of how, and we can’t prove whether it was him or not.”

Sir Arata shrugged. “Oh. Well, maybe it was him then.”

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