Day 11

Ugh, just not getting the mood today either. Oh well, I’m still on track. I’m starting to be 95% sure that the story won’t be done in 50,000 words, though. Well, I kinda expected that from the beginning, but now I’m nearly sure. Not sure how I’m going to handle it once November is done. Well, there’s still 19 days to go, so I can put it off for now.

New problem: I’ve added a lot of characters where they needed to go, that weren’t on my initial character diagram. Characters with names. Setting aside my crappy naming sense, I find myself scrolling back to check what I named these 3rd string characters in the past. I suppose the solution would be to write them down somewhere else, huh…

Total words: 18585 (1456 today)

Words left: 31415 (Unexpectedly pi!)

On par: +248


“Right. Sir Arata, I believe you know Investigator Tair du Keylos before?” asked Parrow perfunctorily.

The old man nodded and smiled. “Indeed, I had the honor of having Ms. Tair in my class before. Actually, I also recommended her to the Civil Investigations Unit. Ah, Duke Magohord was certainly not pleased with me that day,” he said with a nostalgic sparkle in his eye.

Parrow eyed him askance, and said with a twisted smile, “You really just enjoy watching people get angry, don’t you, sir.”

“Guilty,” chuckled the old knight. Parrow’s eyes met Briar’s, and they both sighed and shook their heads. Sir Arata grinned, and said conspiratorially, “It’s actually not that bad, I just do it for their own benefit. It’s good to get angry every once–”

“A-HEM.” Investigator du Keylos gave the old man an unamused glare, and ordered, “Move. Now.”

“Yes, ma’am,” laughed Sir Arata, gesturing for her to lead the way. As the four made their way into the building, the old knight dropped a hand each onto Briar and Parrow’s shoulders, and said in a mock whisper, “She’s got quite a bad temper, you know. Best to do what she says.”

Parrow immediately shrugged his shoulder free of Sir Arata’s grasp. “Leave me out of this, you old bastard.” Briar didn’t say anything, but quietly slipped away from the old man as well, feeling that staying near him would be a little dangerous. He thought he could see Investigator du Keylos’ shoulders twitching a bit …

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