Day 12

It’s past midnight, so let’s hang it up. Finally fell behind today. But tomorrow should be a good day to catch up. I hope. 😐

Total words: 19277 (692 today)

Words left: 30723

On par: -727 😦


Angry and frustrated, the young woman lashed out at Briar with a single finger, poking him in the chest. His eyes widened, and he staggered as he felt his body becoming numb. Briar had experienced the feeling before, training with the duke: Numbing Strike, an internally incanted spell associated with Fire magic, and a staple of Mage Enforcer practices. It wasn’t lethal on its own, but it could create openings for much more critical attacks.

Fortunately, Aya Firewheel was not actually trying to kill him, just vent her frustrations. She glared at the other three, as though daring them to complain or step forward. To her surprise, their reactions were not what she expected. Investigator Parrow had shut his eyes and put his palm to his forehead, while Investigator du Keylos remained completely expressionless. Meanwhile, Sir Arata grinned, as if he were watching an excellent show.


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