Day 13

I caught back up. But as it turns out, catching up again is a real pain. So, I’m going to do my best not to fall behind again. Go me. 😐

I got to work with my magic system today, since the actual ‘investigation’ part of the mystery novel has started. Yay. But I have a bad feeling that, the more I use magic to do detective work, the more plot holes I’m going to open up… Oh well, I’ll fix it in edit. 😛

Total words: 21844 (2567 today)

Words left: 28156

On par: +173


“The next point would be the carpet where Miss Foursquare was found. There are strong traces of both Earth and Metal magic, with the Metal predominating. I presume that these are the spells that Miss Foursquare used to preserve her life. Unless …” he trailed off as a thought struck him. “Investigator Parrow. Could there have been a magical component to the poison used on Miss Foursquare?”

Parrow’s frown deepened, and with a couple whispered words the teacup in his hands disappeared. “Now that is an interesting question. I’ve never heard of a poison that works by magic before, but I’m hardly an expert. Tair, once we’re done here, pass that one down the line, see what the medical team turned up. Hey, Firewheel,” he said, turning to Aya, “do you know anything about this? Did your mistress know some kind of life-saving spell made with Earth and Metal magic?”

“Hmph. I have no intention of giving Maledicta’s secrets to outsiders,” grumbled Aya. The encounter with Briar had scared her badly, and her expression was extremely sullen.


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