Day 14

Well, that resolution lasted long. 😦

I… seem to have a thing where I don’t feel like writing if my wife isn’t home. Which is trouble, especially on Mondays when she’s gone all day and gets home late. Maybe it’s just the feeling of comfort when she’s home, which makes it easier to write? I dunno. But anyway, as you may notice, I didn’t make quota again today, meaning I’ll have to catch up somehow tomorrow. Bleh.

Oh, but hey! Remember how I said I was wondering about inserting an explanation about my magic system somewhere earlier in the piece? Well, it turns out that a chance for explanations came up naturally once my character actually started using magic. Who knew, right? It is making this scene longer and longer, though. Oh, well, it’s an important investigation scene, and this is supposed to be a mystery. I guess.

Total words: 22928 (1084 today)

Words left: 27072

On par: -410 😦


Investigator du Keylos said, “You said there was a fourth matter, as well? What did you mean by ‘put it off’?”

Briar nodded, “Yes, there’s one more magical anomaly in the room, and I think it would be easy for you to guess where. But there is something else I want to try before I talk about it.” He glanced at Aya Firewheel briefly, before continuing to address the investigators. “I have learned a certain Esoterica spell of … dubious utility, that may be of significant help in this situation. The effects are slightly hard to describe, but I should be able to determine if anything has changed inside the room in the recent past.”

Parrow raised an eyebrow. “That seems easy enough to describe.”

Briar hesitated, then reluctantly agreed, “I suppose. The problem with the spell, is that it requires me to be in a quasi-meditative state, leaving me quite vulnerable. Therefore–”

“Therefore you’d like us to keep an eye on each other, and make sure everyone stays out of the way,” Sir Arata cut in, chuckling. “No problem, kiddo, I’ll make sure Miss du Keylos here doesn’t stab you in the back while you’re not paying attention.” Investigator du Keylos glared at her old teacher, but didn’t say anything back. Meanwhile, Aya Firewheel was trying to decide if Briar’s words were actually aimed at her, while Investigator Parrow had once more pulled a cup out of nowhere, coffee this time, and was casually sipping the hot beverage. Briar was getting slightly jealous of Parrow’s apparent skill with Space branch magic, and wondered if his own atrociously bad ability for Space magic would allow him to use the convenient-looking spell.

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