Day 15

Back on track. Yay. Also, halfway done. Fun fact: using GDocs, with 11p font, the document is already 44 pages long. That’s without excessive formatting or chapter divisions, too. So it looks like the final doc will be 88 pages or so. It doesn’t sound like much, compared to professional novels, but… 😐

Total words: 25486 (2558 today)

Words left: 24514

On par: +481


Parrow had a matching look on his own face. “Aya Firewheel, we’re done here. Go ahead and gather up your mistress’ stuff, and then I’ll have you accompany us back to C.I.U. Let’s dig into your mind a bit and see if we can tell anything about Mr. Sevon’s so-called plant.”

“What? No!” cried Aya with a sudden fear. Obviously she wouldn’t want anyone trying to invade her mind. “I won’t let you!”

“Please calm down, Miss Firewheel,” soothed du Keylos. She glared at Parrow, and said, “Sir, please stop phrasing things in ways that give people the wrong idea. It sounded like you were going to crack her head open and start rummaging around inside.”

Parrow’s grim expression faded a bit, replaced by a crooked smile. “No? Well, I guess we’ll make that plan B, then.”


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