Day 17

Yo. Made it again today. Even more barely than yesterday. At least I’m done early, I guess? I’m really not very inspired by what I’m writing at the moment, which is a bad sign. I’m honestly wondering if I’m going to drop the whole thing during revisions. Haven’t made it to the assassins yet, either. Boo. 😐

Total words: 28391 (1584 today)

Words left: 21609

On par: +52


The Foursquare branch store in the capital was a large building, even for the Merchant district. The sign posted by the door gave the rather prosaic name: “Foursquare Magical Goods”. The building itself was anything but prosaic, however. It had four floors, each slightly taller than one would expect, and each floor was constructed from stone of a different color. The first floor was made a jade-green stone, and carved with many fantastic plants and trees; the second floor was rust-red, and decorated with various wild animals; the third floor was an unusual deep blue, and covered with frescos of powerful monsters and divine beings. Finally, the fourth floor above all the rest was made of a pure white stone rivaling marble, and carved into its facade were scenes of men pursuing various crafts, like blacksmithing and farming.

“My goodness. I’ve never been to your store before, but it certainly is impressive, isn’t it?” said Briar admiringly.

“Give me a break,” muttered Aya, flushing slightly. “I’m embarrassed to be living in it. How ostentatious can you get? Whoever built this city was obviously crazy …”

“Enthusiastic, rather,” disagreed Briar with a certain amount of cheer. “Perhaps you will get to see the Fernifar estate, someday. I assure you, Foursquare Magical Goods looks perfectly benign in comparison.”

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