Day 18

Phew, made it. Just in time, too. Now if only what I wrote had anything to do with anything. I’ve finally broke free of that scene, though, and I only had to toss a brand new character under the bus to do so.

Seriously, though, as I’ve written the scene, I’ve got a better grasp of that section of the plot, and now I have something to go back to, in order to introduce someone really, really suspicious. …Did what I just wrote make any sense? I have no idea, I need to go find sleep quickly… 😐

Total words: 30199 (1808 today)

Words left: 19801

On par: +193


Briar, noticing that she seemed depressed, asked her, “Were you not told where she is being kept? You are her bodyguard, after all.”

Aya shook her head. “Captain Bladefang is the only one who knows where she is. He said that the less people know, the better.”

Briar narrowed his eyes. “Did you consider tailing him, just to make sure?”

Aya’s eyes widened, and she almost whispered in reply, “Of course not! The Captain would notice me instantly, and he’s the most dangerous person I’ve ever met!”

“What, more dangerous than ‘Twice-Dead’ Arata?” asked Briar, slightly bemused.

“I’ve never met ‘Twice-Dead’, so why would I consider him?” said Aya, perplexed.

Briar stopped and gave her a flat look. She looked back at him, uncomprehending. Eventually he said, dryly, “You met him just earlier, you know.”

Aya blinked, and thought back to the people she had met that day. Guw Parrow and Tair du Keylos from the Investigators, Briar Sevon who was standing right in front of her, and the old knight who seemed to be in charge of Security at the Academy. He hadn’t introduced himself, but du Keylos had addressed him a couple times as … Sir Arata …

Briar watched, amused, as the color drained from Aya’s face. She opened and closed her mouth a couple times, before finally blurting out, “But…! I thought he was just in charge of their security…!”

Briar nodded, “Well, yes, he is the head of Security at the Academy. But they wouldn’t give that job to just anyone, you know. He also teaches a bit,” he added cheerfully.


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