Day 19

I fully expected not to make it today, seeing as I hadn’t written a word by 9:30 pm. But it turns out that writing scenes with Karis and Briar discussing things is fairly easy, relatively speaking. So yay, I made quota. 🙂

There’s only…one problem. Karis keeps a squeaky rubber duck in his desk. I have absolutely no idea why. I mean, it’s a squeaky rubber duck. Seriously, why is there a squeaky rubber duck in my fantasy/mystery hybrid? It’s a bigger mystery than the actual plot… 😯

Total words: 31731 (1532 today)

Words left: 18269

On par: +58


He glanced up at the young man sitting on a chair on the other side of the room. Sevon had been brooding there ever since he had finished reporting on the day’s events, nearly an hour ago, and Karis had been content to let him. However, the aura of gloom Briar was emitting was beginning to bug him, so he cleared his throat to draw his friend’s attention.

Briar did not react, even when Karis cleared his throat even louder. With a slightly twitching smile, he reached down and opened a drawer built into his desk. Rummaging inside for a moment, he pulled out an object. Looking back at Briar, he hefted the object in his hand a couple of times, then smoothly threw it at the young Mage.

With a comical squeak, the rubber duck bounced off Briar’s forehead, and he half-jumped to his feet. His eyes widened and darted around the room, before alighting on the yellow toy on the floor in front of him. He stared at it in confusion for a moment, before looking over at Karis. “… A duck?”

Karis smiled brightly. “It was that, or this paperweight.” He hefted a heavy-looking, polished stone statue in one hand, and Briar paled slightly. “If the duck hadn’t worked, it would have been next too,” he said, his smile not fading even a little bit; but Briar noticed that his eyelid was twitching slightly, showing that he was really angry.

See? I told you there was a duck. You didn’t believe me, did you. 😛


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