Day 20

Huh? I… I made it? 😛

I don’t want to say a lot tonight, so let me just leave this tidbit: the last two or three days of writing have only been tangentially connected to the plot, but a lot of people’s backstories (in my head) have become a lot more complicated as a result. In fact, it’s changed the actual perpetrator. Go figure.

Total words: 33364 (1633 today)

Words left: 16636

On par: +24 (!)


“Well, off with you, then,” said Karis cheerfully, as if the heavy atmosphere from before had never happened. “The Horse’s Head Tavern, wasn’t it? I heard they have decent drinks, if you happen to get there early.”

Briar stopped for a moment, and gave Karis a flat look. “Now how did you know where I was going? According to your father the duke, the arrangements are supposed to be a complete secret.”

Karis shook his head and grinned. “Why do you keep asking questions like that, Briar, my friend? I’ve told you a thousand times — I just pay attention, that’s all.”

“Nobody has that much attention,” denied Briar firmly, eyeing his erstwhile master suspiciously. Karis didn’t respond with anything other than a happy chuckle, and Briar finally decided to drop the matter — again — and headed for the door.

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