Day 21

Having an extra hour and a half in the morning to myself really helps out. I got half done this morning, and then blew past the other half just now. All I’ve got to say is, after all the effort that goes into getting the scene at the assassins guild, it better be epic. That’s all I want.

Total words: 35801 (2437 today)

Words left: 14199

On par: +794


Keeping one eye on Aris, he raised a bit of magic from his aura and tried to use it to investigate the baton in his hand. To his surprise, the magic power immediately dispersed and disappeared. Narrowing his eyes, he tried again, to the same effect. Whatever it was, it was not a standard magical metal, meant to channel raw magic to enhance its own power. This was almost the opposite, as the magic seemed to vanish upon contact with the weapon. Almost like it was being absorbed … Suddenly, Briar’s eyes widened. “Is this … Darksilver?”

Aris dropped her eyes to her feet and nodded. Briar stared at her, and then at the weapon in his hand, in disbelief. The secret of forging Darksilver had been lost during the Great Disaster, centuries ago. The weapon in his hand could only be an artifact from the era of the Mage Tyrants, and it was literally as valuable as a small city. His eyes flew to the other sheath, still in her hand. “That one too?”

“Yes,” replied Aris quietly. She suddenly looked up at Briar, worry in her eyes. “You should strap them behind your back, they won’t be too noticeable there. It’s probably not a good idea to wear them openly …”


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