Day 22

You know what my novel didn’t have enough of, so far?

Lovecraftian horror. 😛

Total words: 36888 (1087 today)

Words left: 13112

On par: +214


The skeletal figure led Briar through a large archway, and onto a wide platform. Here it paused for a moment, and turned to look back at Briar. The young man’s attention had been stolen away from his ominous guide by the sight in front of him, and he took a few steps forward as if compelled.

What Briar saw was a city, a city so huge that even from his vantage point high above it, he could not see to it’s edges. The entirety of the Capital could have been placed inside this great city, and it would have barely shown up at all. But where the Capital was a hodgepodge of differing styles and designs, whoever had built this city had done so with a single, unified style, although the style seemed quite alien to Briar. Nary a straight line or edge to be seen, everything was smooth, curved, and twisted; even the many towers spiraled madly into the sky. The sky above was a uniform gray, with no sun to be seen, and yet the entire city was lit by an eldritch glow, which almost seemed to come from the buildings themselves.

Briar realized that he, and his skeletal guide, stood at the top of one of those towers, on a platform with no railing. He broke out into a cold sweat, realizing how far he would fall if he made one misstep. “What is … this … place …” he whispered, totally and completely cowed.

The skeletal figure did not reply, but repeated, “CoMe tHiS wAy.” Briar shuddered, and forced himself to follow. The skeletal figure was still frightening, but it seemed positively mundane compared to the sight of the city beneath him. The figure led him down an inclined ramp to another doorway, smaller than the archway above, and Briar heaved a sigh of relief as the view of the alien city was blocked.

Yes. My novel has both a giant alien cityscape, and a rubber duck. These things happen. 😉


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