I got sidetracked, so here.

Yeah, I was having trouble working on my NaNoWriMo stuff because this idea got stuck in my head. Now that its out of the way, back to the grind!

Oh, and maybe I’ll think about actually writing this one alongside A Living Will — it looks like it could be fun. 😉

Kohn Karnak. Highest of the gods, most powerful being in the Upper World, ruler of all he surveyed. Until his beloved wife and most trusted subordinates betrayed him, stripped him of his divinity, and cast him out into the Middle World. There, he was reborn as a great king, Cain Karno; but mere days after his rebirth, his kingdom was overrun and destroyed, and he himself was executed by a powerful “Hero.” Falling once more into the Lower World, he was reborn as a nameless slave, weak and tired; within hours, he had been beaten to death by his “master.”

    The soul of the god had fallen all the way into the Under World. Strapped to the Wheel of Punishment, he would spend the rest of eternity tormented and alone — until an accident destroyed a corner of the Under World and ejected Karnak from the body of reality, into its spine: the Akashic Record!

“What the hell!? Who are you calling ‘Mad’!? Who are you calling ‘Power-hungry’!? Who are you calling ‘Tyrannical’!? Impossible! Compared to those bastards, I’m the kindest, gentlest, most forgiving being ever created!”

“Acknowledged. Deleting Personality Traits: Mad, Power-hungry, Tyrannical; Adding Personality Traits: Kind, Gentle, Forgiving.”

“Hah! That’s better! I’m definitely not ‘Ugly’ as well, I’m definitely beautiful enough, compared to the real ugly people!”

“Acknowledged. Deleting Physical Trait: Ugly; Adding Physical Trait: Beautiful.”

“You’d better remember that, you weird book!”

“Acknowledged. Saving changes. Warning: Soul data has been corrupted. Replace missing data with recommended settings?”

“Oh? Are you trying to assist me? Well done, book! I will reward you once I return to my rightful place.”

“Acknowledged. Repairing data. Reformatting soul and rebooting.”


And so begins the adventures of Connie Karma, a beautiful ‘girl’ seeking to return to her rightful place in the Upper World!

    “Ah … hey. Haven’t I changed a little too much?”


5 thoughts on “I got sidetracked, so here.

      1. Ah, about that… I guess my synopsis gives the wrong impression. It’s not that he couldn’t have been a beautiful man; but he failed to notice that the field for his gender was messed up, and when the Record restored the missing bits, it defaulted to female. So it goes. 😉

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