Day 24

Yeah, I spent almost all of today doing Thanksgiving-y things, and didn’t get started until really, really, really late. (Happy Thanksgiving, btw.) But I still made it. Yay. 🙂

Somehow, this whole “visit the assassins guild” thing has become “let’s do exposition and world building!” I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I don’t think I like it. But I’m going to keep writing it, because there’s no going back! (Until I start editing the hell out of everything. Which won’t be for 7 more days at best.) 😛

Total words: 40047 (1380 today)

Words left: 9953

On par: +39


“No, Mr. Sevon, that is not why you are here,” denied the Kaiken. “You are here, because I am recruiting you for the Gatebreaker Guild.”

Briar tried to lunge to his feet. “I have no interest in–!”

Sit, Mr. Sevon.” Briar felt the strength leave his legs, and he fell back into the chair involuntarily. “I have no intention of recruiting you as an assassin, Mr. Sevon. There is a deeper purpose to the Guild, as I’m sure you are already aware. Now, listen to my story, and it will become clear what I would require of you.”

Briar pressed his lips together. His legs had no strength in them, and when he tried to wield magic, he could not move it as he wished. Somehow, this kind and gentle looking man had completely suppressed him in an instant, and he wasn’t even sure how. It seemed that he would have to listen to the Kaiken whether he wanted to or not.

He somehow got the impression that Rille had looked at him sympathetically, but that was probably just his imagination.


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