Day 25

Yo. Got started really late, so I thought I’d just write 500 words or so, and leave the rest to tomorrow. Ended up writing till midnight. Also made quota, but kinda regretting it. Tired. ZZZ. Also, crazy world backstory is crazy. 😐

Total words: 41714 (1667 today. No, seriously, exactly the daily amount.)

Words left: 8286

On par: +39


The Kaiken spoke quietly. “One day, a long, long time ago, someone among the Mage Tyrants made the discovery that reality was made up of a front side and a back side, just like that page. And on the back side of reality, the rules were very different. Rules governing distance, and time, and things of that nature, did not behave the same as they did in the normal world. And,” he continued, retrieving the picture from Briar, “just as things from the front side can be projected to the back side, so can things from the back side,” he suddenly punched his fingers through the picture, leaving gaping holes in the city, “affect what we know as reality.

“And so, the Mage Tyrants, who knew no fear, began to explore this strange new world. They learned things they were never meant to know. There were other beings, in that strange reversed reality, beings that were just as strong, or stronger, than they. And so they began to fight those beings, struggling to steal their secrets and powers.

“And then, they encountered Cyan. A gigantic world of a city, possessed by beings of unimaginable power and glory. Even the Mage Tyrants realized that they would stand no chance against those mighty beings. But still, they lusted after the power of Cyan, and were consumed with the desire to take it for themselves.

“And then, one of them, or several of them, had a positively brilliant idea; instead of fighting those beings in their own territory, why not sever the reverse side of Cyan’s reality, and drain the power from that.”

Briar shuddered. “That sounds … bad.”


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