Day 26

Yeah, I gave up on finishing the story in 50,000 words days ago. Or possibly from the very beginning. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to get back to the Capital, and the actual plot (of this story) in the words remaining. Well, but it turns out that the assassin’s guild knows the MC’s actual backstory, so at least I can tell you what’s going on there.

Speaking of the MC. I’ve glanced back over the early parts of my work (looking for proper names I used once, mostly) and I am horrendously bad about keeping his characterization consistent. Which is bad. Another thing to go in the edit bucket… 😛

I just realized as I type this. After this little excursion, Briar’s going to have to spend a day or two recovering, which kinda removes him from the plot for a bit. Which means, I’m going to have to follow other characters around for a while. It’s going to be a pain, but I think I see some opportunities here… 😐

Total words: 43487 (1773 today)

Words left: 6513

On par: +145


“Briar Sevon, born in the poorest streets of the Capital. Your mother was a young, unmarried woman, who worked hard to support herself and you; your father … is not known. She might have told you herself after you grew up, perhaps, but sadly, she died in an accident when you were only five. You were taken in by a certain orphanage, and lived there for five years, eventually supplementing your existence by earning income running errands for various people, which you then shared with the rest of your orphan brothers and sisters.

“And then came the day when that orphanage was shut down, due to its backer, a minor noble, being implicated in a money-laundering scheme. You, and the rest of the orphans, were temporarily taken as wards of the crown, and tested to see if you had the magical aptitude to become servants of the nobility. As it happens, you, Mr. Sevon, tested quite well — not brilliantly, but well — and by some coincidence, the duke of the Fernifar House was looking for someone of a similar age to his second son, to be his servant and eventual valet.

The Kaiken reached out and placed his hands on the false balcony railing, and continued to speak. “Not long after that, it was revealed that the duke’s second son, Karis du Migel dan Fernifar, had a negligible magical aura that would never develop, and he was labeled as a cripple and scorned. Nearly at the same time, it was revealed that his assigned servant, a young orphan known as Briar Sevon, was actually a peerless genius, with a huge potential for magic. And so, the various houses began to conspire to snatch you away, or at least to make sure you wouldn’t go to their rivals.”

By the way, this is simply the least spoiler-y part of the backstory I wrote today. FYI.

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