Day 29

OK, back on track, and one day left to go! Woo! Only, I’m not sure what the next scene is… This could be bad… 😯

Total words: 48831 (3108 today. Yikes!)

Words left: 1169

On par: +488


“Prime Minister. No one told me you were coming,” said du Witt with a minimal smile. “What brings you to my poor bureau?”

Prime Minister Mado Ramse gave a evil-looking grin. “I thought I’d come in personally to give you the news. No, stay, Mr. Parrow, this involves you too,” he said, holding up a hand to prevent Parrow from sneaking away. Parrow settled back, not letting his carefully empty expression change.

“News?” said du Witt.

Ramse’s smile got wider. “I believe a petition was issued from Civil Investigations, asking that Briar Sevon be removed from the investigation. Well, you can rest at ease. By order of his Majesty, his writ has been recalled from Mr. Sevon, and he shall no longer enjoy the King’s protection. In fact,” he said, looking extraordinarily pleased, “if you happen to encounter Mr. Sevon in the future, you are to arrest him, and contact my office. We have some rather pressing questions for the young man, heh heh heh …”


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