National Novel Writers Month: The aftermath

Hey, everyone. As I announced last night, I have reached the goal of 50,000 words in one month — go, me! So, I’ve learned a few lessons over the course of this project, so let me talk a bit about… ah, first, before that. If you want to read what I wrote over the past month, you can access it from my “Other” page, or just start !HERE!

OK, so first things first. Lesson number one: writing over 1500 words a day is entirely doable. It takes 2-3 hours, sometimes, but as long as I have some idea of what I’m writing, it can be done. I just have to be dedicated about it. Well, and it helps if I actually have a schedule to meet. So in the future, I’m going to make a schedule for my writing, and stick to it as much as possible.

Second. I was writing in a single document, to make it easier to keep track of the word count. Where this became a problem was when I named minor characters. If I had to refer to that character later in the work, I had to scroll around and find it, which became difficult as the document grew longer. So, there are two solutions I will use in the future: one, I will write down any proper noun on a separate piece of paper, so I can look them up with ease later on; secondly, dividing the story into several documents, so if I need to look up a certain part, I don’t have to scroll through the whole thing.

Lesson 2.5: My naming sense sucks. I tried to roll with it. :\

Lesson three: Beware genre shifts. I kept adding details and complications, and my mystery story drifted into something much less mysterious, and more sanity-devouring. I’m not sure if this is something I really want to control, though — it might be more useful to go back later, and change the beginning to better fit what comes later. If you follow me.

Lesson four: Writing is fun. I knew this already, but it’s worth reiterating.

Lesson five: Writing is hard. You wouldn’t think so, but it’s hard to express the images in your head as words, and keep the feel you want it to have. At least, it’s hard for me.

So now what? Well, I’m going to take a few days off, and contemplate what I want to do with my writing now. I will tell you this: once I get up and running again, I will be publishing at least one chapter of A Living Will a week. I think I will also be posting every Sunday on what I worked on that week, just to give myself a bit of accountability. But I’m still working it out in my mind. I’ll let you know soon what I decide.

Thank you all for following along, and I’ll be back soon with more things!

*Bows in gratitude*


2 thoughts on “National Novel Writers Month: The aftermath

  1. Congrats! Good thing you were able to write more than 50000 words over the month! I really can understand what you’re trying to say in lesson five, it’s really hard for me too, and more so since English isn’t my main language ( ̄ω ̄;)­. Anyway, good job ρ(-ω-、)ヾ( ̄ω ̄; )­

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