Sunday writing digest 3: Let’s face it, it’s the Christmas edition

Well, OK, first things first: Merry Christmas, everyone. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. Or as a secular spending spree. Or if you’ve never heard of it before. Or if you believe it doesn’t exist. Have a great December the 25th anyway. πŸ˜‰

With that out of the way, how much writing did I get done this week? I’ll give you a hint: if you read my stuff, you’ve already read it. :\

Yeah, I really didn’t get anything done except the one chapter of ALW. I kinda wanted to write a second one, or at least a Christmas special, but 1) I was never home, and 2) a lot of people released extra chapters over the last couple days, and of course I had to read them all (controversial statement). Actually, after the first week, this whole month has been kinda rough on my writing, huh… 😐

OK, so let’s just say that I was on vacation last week. And I’ll just stay on vacation for the rest of the year. My son goes back to school on the 3rd, so I’ll get my acknowledged writing schedule back on track at that point. Hmm, sounds like a plan. πŸ™‚

I’m still going to release a chapter of ALW next Wednesday, though. So look forward to Jack Cross being cross (or, y’know, enraged). πŸ˜›


8 thoughts on “Sunday writing digest 3: Let’s face it, it’s the Christmas edition

  1. It’s alright, I’m still writing my Christmas special. I decided to forgo the new LGDK update. But yeah, Merry Christmas to you and have a happy new year. Oh… can I borrow Zedda?


        1. Oh, sure! He’d be pretty good for the role, especially if you let him say things like, -Your death is inevitable,- and -Does it matter what you do, human? It will make no difference in the end.-

          …Yeah, he’s a jerk. πŸ˜›

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