Sunday non-writing digest: The pre-Sunday edition!

So yeah.

Remember how I mentioned I picked up Tales of Berseria?

That may have been a mistake. From the standpoint of my writing schedule. 😦

Well, I spent most of today feeling horrible too, and blew a lot of time this week reading another translated Chinese novel, so there’s that as well. And tomorrow is going to be very busy, so I won’t have time to post this then. So I’m doing it now. My writing stats this week: 1 chapter of ALW. That is all. 😐

I’m not sure if I’ll make my Wednesday deadline with the next chapter, either. I’m gonna try, but… we’ll see. 😐

Incidentally, I’m loving Berseria. 😛

Oh, hey! Remember how I said I’d post links to other interesting original novels, then immediately forgot? Let’s fix that! Go read Wizard with the flower blades, by k.linH. It’s an excellent VR-becomes-reality novel, with a likable (albeit gender-swapped) main character. k.linH writes a few other novels, as well as translating a few novels from Japanese, so check those out too! 😀


A Living Will, Part 17: Fangs of the Grace


I awoke– No, I hadn’t slept, of course. I became aware of Stanley, standing in front of me. I had been sitting at my desk since Zedda had left, worrying. The pain in my shoulder, which I had thought I would bear for the rest of my existence, was gone; and I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not. I couldn’t tell if Zedda had intended it, or if was an unforeseen side effect of his punishment. I couldn’t think of a reason why he would need me free of pain; but I didn’t dare think that it was an accident.

And then there had been the dream, sent to me by Lord Baera. As always, I couldn’t remember the details. But, I knew I had been scolded for calling out Zedda, and warned that it would be dangerous for me. But I knew that my Lord would be upset when I chose to send Irene to him. It was a calculated risk; I knew that Zedda might decide to destroy me, but he might also turn his powers against the forces that were already trying to destroy me. Whatever they were. Continue reading

A Living Will, Part 16: Unlife Phantasmal

It is said that the dead have no need for sleep, and this is true. In the centuries since my death, I have not slept; my consciousness forms an unbroken line from that day on the altar. An endless, wearying, eternal now. It is not surprising to me that so many of my brethren chose to fade away, rather than suffer the endlessness of existence.

It is true, even in the lesser undead. Vampires, for instance: even though they appear somnambulistic during the day, a portion of their consciousness is always aware. They are paralyzed, but awake; it must be a true torment.

So I do not, and cannot, sleep. And yet, sometimes, quite rarely, I dream. Continue reading

Sunday writing digest 7: The “Ninja” edition!

Why the ninja edition?


Sorry, I don’t have a pun to go with it. Setting that aside. 😉

So, as for progress on my novel… 649 words. Pathetic. But at least I have a motorcycle. 😐

But hey, I’ve got some good news. In addition to the chapter of ALW I posted on Wednesday, as usual, I have completed another chapter for this week, just because! I… actually intended to have it done yesterday, but I ended up having to go on a rescue mission to pick up someone who had gotten themselves stranded half way between St. Cloud (where they live) and the Twin Cities (where I live), which is a long freaking drive. Oh, and driving conditions were rather horrible, due to a thick fog, which further robbed me of my mental energy. Thus, my writing time got eroded away. #RLHappens

So, yeah. I finished the extra chapter, and I’ll post it sometime later today. You’re welcome. 😉

So, what have I been doing this week, instead of writing? Well, I started both Final Fantasy XV, and the online card game Shadowverse. As for FFXV, it’s one of those games where you can screw around a lot, rather than advance the actual plot, so yeah. I spent a significant amount of time playing a pinball-esque minigame, and got a Platinum Bangle. So there’s that. 😛

As for Shadowverse, it’s a pretty fun free-to-play collectible card game, a la Hearthstone. There are seven different deck styles, and a lot of cool artwork. I’m not very good at it, but… so far I haven’t spent a single dollar on it, so I can only say I’ve gotten what I’ve paid for. 😉

And… I’ve broken down and preordered Tales of Berseria, which comes out in two days. Bad me! But I love the Tales games so much… 😐

OK, enough. I really need to get back into novel writing, somehow. Maybe I need to self-ration my games… Nah, that sounds painful. 😛


A Living Will, Part 15: Irene’s Diary (3)

You know, I read a lot of books in The Project. They were all supposed to be textbooks for my training, but the people guarding me were really, really lazy, and I ended up with a bunch of fiction books as well. They were pretty stupid books, but I had fun reading them. One of them was a detective novel, where a rogue investigator had to find out who killed someone’s rich uncle. As I recall, he thought it was the butler at first, but then it looked like it was the elder brother, but then a surprise twist that was really, really obvious happened, and it was actually the butler again. Well, everyone died, though, except for the detective. It was really a stupid book. Continue reading

Sunday writing digest 6: the “Mills of God” edition!

In case you’re wondering, the quote is “Though the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small.” In my case, of course, the emphasis is on “slowly.” As in, I am slowly beginning to get back into writing my novel. Sadly, only to the tune of about ~1500 words, but it’s a start, right? I even deliberately moved out of the scene I was stuck in to a more pivotal one, but in the end I kept procrastinating… and here we are.

I also didn’t manage to get the piece I wanted to do on Friday done… again, mostly because I got hooked on another translated novel with hundreds of chapters. I just don’t learn… But hey, I got the weekly chapter of ALW done. So at least there’s that. 😉

(Note to self: don’t admit that you wanted to do a second chapter this week. It will only depress you. 😦 )

As for what else I was doing this week… I picked up another metal model. Sigh… It’s a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, and it looked really cool, so don’t judge me! I should have it finished by next Sunday, so look forward to that. I guess. 😛

Other than that, I lost most of today in a trip up north to a gathering of my wife’s extended family. I was going to type in the car… but ultimately ended up reading instead. Damn you, translators! (I’m kidding. I love you guys. 😉 ) Of course, that means that I didn’t get to do my “help others” stuff today, too. Sorry, Jack, I promise to find some time tomorrow to finish up with your project. *dozega*

Oh, and one other thing… I lost some more time after wandering into the livestream of renaissance man and aspiring writer ohmariowv (whom you might see commenting on my posts fairly frequently) and dropping a Panda-mic of bad puns on his head. As a pseudo-apology, let me take a moment to recommend his original web novel, Let’s Go Devil King! It’s a fun little parody of certain Japanese novel tropes, so it’s very tongue-in-cheek at times, but well worth the read. (He has another novel started, but I haven’t read that one yet. Eventually. 😛 )

Actually, I’ve been thinking about recommending the original web novels I read, as there’s only a few of them. I think I’ll do that. OK, from now on, a recommendation at the end of every digest! In case you missed the link (which is very possible, I think this theme doesn’t distinguish them very well. I still like the theme, though…) here it is again: ohmariowv’s Let’s Go Devil King!

A Living Will, Part 14: Irene’s Diary (2)

Mother and Father had taken me to meet Miss Metria before. I remembered her, slightly, as a pretty woman who had something wrong with her eyes. Twenty years later, she still looks exactly the same. Only, I can tell what’s wrong with her eyes now. They’re dead.

It was a little off-putting at first, meeting her again. For one thing, she’s a lot prettier than me, even though she’s an undead. I’m actually not sure what kind of undead she is. I almost asked her if she was a vampire. From what I’ve read, vampires are either extremely beautiful, or extremely ugly. But they are also supposed to have especially pointed teeth, and Miss Metria’s teeth look normal. Well, beautifully white and even, so kinda better than normal. I’m pretty sure my teeth don’t look that nice. Damn it.

I’ve only read one book about undead, actually, and it was mostly focused on how to kill them. As far as I could tell, most strategies amount to hitting them with whatever holy magics you have on hand, calling on every god you know to slow them down, and then hitting them with everything you’ve got. The book was a little out of date, according to my shooting instructor. They make bullets now that can kill most undead really easily. I’m carrying a bunch of them right now, in fact. I might need them. Continue reading

Sunday writing digest 5: The Mini-tank edition

Why the Mini-tank edition?


Because my productivity tanked this week! Get it?

*crickets chirping*

Tough room… OK, seriously, I didn’t work on my novel this week either. I really regret it, OK? But I was trying to catch up with the translation of Er Gen’s “I Shall Seal The Heavens,” among other pursuits. (And I failed. But that’s another story.)

I did, however, manage to finish and release this week’s chapter of ALW, so that’s one thing. And today I did a little instructive editing for a guy who’s trying to write a story, so that’s another thing. So I’m slowly getting back on track.

So what was I doing? Well, setting aside the usual Real Life(tm) shenanigans, I found time to put together the T-34 in the picture there. I’m really kinda liking these metal models… I saw one for the Sydney Opera House at the store, which I really want to pick up at some point. At $15, it’s a lot more affordable than the Lego version of the Sydney Opera House, which is $320. (I still want that one too! 😛 )

Oh, and because I had temporarily stopped reading the web novels I usually follow to attempt a marathon through ISSTH, I ended up with over 40 tabs worth of novels that I spent most of today burning through. Right before I sat down to write this, I had reduced this to zero, but then I fired up WordPress and ended up with another 13 tabs… I really need to reduce the novels I read… 😐

Ok, so, this upcoming week, now that I have my depression somewhat under control, I’m going to dive back into my novel. Fight on, me! The goal is attainable! There will be a chapter of ALW on Wednesday as usual, unless something horrible happens. And I’ll try to think of something I can do for Friday, just for fun. We’ll see. 😉

A Living Will, Part 13: Irene’s Diary (1)

I didn’t realize it before, but I’m afraid of death.

Sorry, that’s a really heavy way to start a diary, isn’t it? But I had to write it down. I want to face it cleanly. I’m not sure who I expect to read this. Maybe I just need to tell myself, so I won’t be surprised later. I don’t know.

So yeah. I’m afraid of death.

This came as a surprise to me. My “educators” took great pains in teaching me to be brave. Forcing me to ignore fear, more like. I think my favorite was the snake pit. The poison wouldn’t instantly kill me, after all. Actually, compared to my family, the snakes were pretty decent. I only got bitten twice, after all. Continue reading

Sunday writing digest 4: The “OK, it’s 2017, time to get to work” edition!

Hello everyone, and welcome to 2017. To everyone who hated 2016 as much as I did, let’s all stay positive, right? It’s a new year, so let’s try to make it better than last year. *pumps fist*

Right, got that out of the way, moving on. I completed one chapter of ALW this week, and nothing else, making this more of a bullet point then a digest, but what the hey. At least I’m finally reintroducing Irene into the story, and the next chapter will be her POV and some of her backstory, I think, so look forward to that. 😉

Other than that? I’ve been visiting family and friends a lot this last week, so that was fun. I’ve also been playing the remake reimagining of Rachet and Clank on my PS4. I also picked up Final Fantasy 15, but I’ve been putting off starting it. I’d better get my writing habits in line first; it looks like a giant time-sink, from what I’ve seen so far… 😛

Anyway, I’ll be resuming my initially proposed writing schedule (3 days of novel writing, 1 day for ALW, 1 day of whatever, 1 day for editing my things, and 1 day for helping others) starting tomorrow. I might rearrange it after a week or two, in order to put all three days of my novel writing next to each other, but I kinda want to see how my schedule works currently… Well, whatever. 😐

Thanks for reading, and have a great new year!! XD