Sunday non-writing digest: The pre-Sunday edition!

So yeah.

Remember how I mentioned I picked up Tales of Berseria?

That may have been a mistake. From the standpoint of my writing schedule. 😦

Well, I spent most of today feeling horrible too, and blew a lot of time this week reading another translated Chinese novel, so there’s that as well. And tomorrow is going to be very busy, so I won’t have time to post this then. So I’m doing it now. My writing stats this week: 1 chapter of ALW. That is all. 😐

I’m not sure if I’ll make my Wednesday deadline with the next chapter, either. I’m gonna try, but… we’ll see. 😐

Incidentally, I’m loving Berseria. 😛

Oh, hey! Remember how I said I’d post links to other interesting original novels, then immediately forgot? Let’s fix that! Go read Wizard with the flower blades, by k.linH. It’s an excellent VR-becomes-reality novel, with a likable (albeit gender-swapped) main character. k.linH writes a few other novels, as well as translating a few novels from Japanese, so check those out too! 😀


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