Sunday Gaming Digest: I don’t care, as long as something gets digested.

Hi. I’ve been playing games, instead of writing. Therefore, my writing projects will never get done. 😐

OK, I haven’t only been gaming. My collection of metal sheet models has jumped to 8, for instance. It will be 9, just as soon as I finish putting the bottom on the USS Arizona. I was thinking about putting up a picture of them all, but eh. Too much work. Next time. 😛

Oh, and as always I’ve been reading web novels gathering materials. So in the future, I will be writing more.

Hey, it could happen. 😛

In the mean time, I’ve been playing games. Well, mainly Tales of Berseria. It’s probably my favorite Tales game since Tales of the Abyss. Now there’s a game I’d buy again in a second if they ported it to the PS4. One of the most moving, realistic-seeming fantasy character arcs I’ve ever encountered. Wonderful stuff. But yeah, ToB is pure awesome, and I love the main character. She’s trying so hard to be the bad guy, but she’s just got this one weakness… cough shotacon cough XD

Sitting on my list of games to start playing again, once I’m finished with ToB: Atelier Sophie, and FFXV. I also picked up Nights of Azure, which seemed interesting, and Disgaea 5, which I finally found in store when I actually had money to buy it. A wonderful coincidence. I also have the remaster of FFX I want to replay, and I downloaded Wild Arms 3 off the Playstation Store. So yeah, lots of games.

Oh, speaking of downloads. I have to use my mobile hotspot for internet on my devices, and I have a 7 gb limit per month. *shakes fist in rage* Anyway, when I connected my PS4 to download WA3 (about 2 gb, by the way), it naturally started downloading updates for the games I already had. Most of them were reasonable, but FFXV? 13 freaking gigabytes! That’s nearly twice my monthly limit. What the hell, Sqeenix, did you even finish the game before you shipped it? 😯

OK, enough nonsense. New chapter of ALW sometime Wednesday, and I plan to finish Wind on the Lowest Plane by the end of the week. I hadn’t realized how long ago I started that… I lose track of time so easily… :\

Today’s fiction rec: Stop Calling Me A Demon King by BakaGrappler. A grittier take on the “Summoned Hero” plotline, with a jerk-but-understandably-so main character, and a lot of people who probably deserve what’s happening to them. I find BakaGrappler’s synopsis to be succinct and informative, so go read it here! 😀


A Living Will, Part 19: A Deal is Struck

-What are you writing?- I asked the young woman.

Irene Bellvaunt jumped a bit, and quickly twisted her head to glare at me. She had been sitting at a table in her kitchen, scribbling away in a small book, when I entered. Apparently, she hadn’t heard me come in. I chose to be impressed with her resilience — I often encountered humans who simply ran away when I suddenly appeared behind them. Not that I blamed them, of course.

“It’s nothing,” she muttered angrily. “I’m just writing in my journal.”

-Is that so,- I said, pretending to be disinterested. Well, given my lack of an actual voice, I always sound disinterested, so it wasn’t too hard to pretend. I was actually a bit intrigued about what she might be writing, but sadly, her handwriting was too atrocious to quickly interpret.

Or the written language had shifted again. That happened sometimes. The printed pages that Metria had provided me were legible, though, so she probably was just a terrible writer. Continue reading

A Living Will, Part 18: World Power

“Boss…” said Stanley, an uncomfortable look on his face.

“It’s all right,” I said soothingly. “That’s a story from a long time ago. In any case, just like Carmida, Atarain is no longer worshipped anywhere, under any name. Zedda was… thorough.”

Stanley still looked uncomfortable. He opened his mouth a couple times, but no words came out.

Suddenly, the phone on my desk rang. Stanley and I both jumped slightly at this unexpected interruption, but I quickly recovered and picked up the receiver. “Hello, this is Cymphica Atri, Metria speaking.” Continue reading

Thought exercise: Remaking a game

So, I’ve got a hypothetical question for y’all: if you could remake an old game, without worrying about things like budget, or permissions, etc., what would it be?

In my case, I would love to see a remake of Wild Arms 3. For those unfamiliar with the Wild Arms games (you heathens 😛 ), they were a series of Western-themed JRPGs from the early Playstation era; WA3 was the first for the PS2. By the way, when I say “Western-themed” I mean “Wild West-themed”; gun-toting protagonists drifting through a desert wasteland, surviving from day to day, and trying to prevent the inevitable decay of the world. OK, that last point isn’t a traditional Western trope, but Wild Arms also has deep Sci-fi roots as well, beneath the surface fantasy stuff, so it fits really well, somehow. Oh, and the fusion produced some absolutely wonderful BGM. So there’s that. 😀

By the way, I assume that if you haven’t played the game, you’re not going to, so beware of unmarked spoilers. (On the other hand, I just checked, and its available on PSN for PS4, for 15 bucks. I suddenly have 100% more motivation to get my PS4 registered to my account.) 😉 Continue reading

Sunday digest 9ish: The “Empty Hands” edition!

…’Cause I got nothing.

Well, OK, it’s entirely my fault, I kept putting off my writing, and then I got sick. I managed to write part of the next chapter once I started feeling better, but then my enthusiasm tanked when I realized I was going to have to fill in more setting information. Damn it, if only I had switched back to Zedda… 😦

Well. If I can grind through it, I’ll be in a good position for going forward, but… Metria’s viewpoint is so different than Zedda’s, I’m nearly writing two stories at the same time. Admittedly, that’s kinda the point, but it’s still difficult sometimes, especially when my enthusiasm is already flagging. Sigh… 😐

OK, enough whining. What with one thing and another, I haven’t done any other writing this week either, but I am going to start writing a little speculative piece right after I’m done with this update. Not fiction, just a random, nostalgia-inspired… I don’t know, something. You’ll see.

And if you’d like to read something, how about checking out Lily Ex Machina by ExtantLily. Its a really interesting romantic fantasy, with a nearly entirely female cast. Yes, that does mean the romance is between females; if that bugs you, well, I have nothing to say. But if you don’t mind, it is a wonderful story of a strong woman overcoming many personal tragedies to become…well, a strong woman. Eh, I’m doing a horrible job describing it, just go read it, it’s good, I promise. 😉

Because my theme is too subtle, here is the link again: Lily Ex Machina. 😀

Sunday Writing Digest 8.75: The “Just kill me” edition!

I ask myself: What have I written this week?

I answer: Well, about 1/3 of a chapter of my web novel, which I subsequently deleted. No part of my major novel, which was meant to be my main focus during this period. And a couple entries of what can only be termed “Random pieces of nothing.”

Just kill me. 😦


What else have I accomplished?

Well, after three days of closed cultivation, I have reached the first level of Body Refining–that’s not it.

I marathoned through another 300+ chapters of a Chinese novel. I’ve really got to stop doing that, especially if I’m not going to drop a few of the novels I usually read; I had nearly 50 tabs of unread chapters at one point. Well, but it was a good novel though. 😛

Oh, and my daughter turned 3. It was kind of a big deal. 😉

So, will I do more writing next week? Hell if I know. Come hell or high water, I’m going to get a chapter of ALW done, though. Or die trying.

…Why is my life suddenly flashing before my eyes? 😛

Have a good week, everyone. 😉

Wind on the Lowest Plane, Part 2

Um, looks like there’ll be a third part too… 😐

It was much, much later.

Somewhere along the way, she had left the storm-blown black desert, but her current surroundings were no less desolate. She walked upon a flat plane of ebon rock, which seemed to reach to infinity in all directions. There was nothing; no loose rocks, no trees or plant life, no people; just an endless floor which seemed to absorb all light. Above her head, an unlimited number of stars shone down upon her, but there was no sun, and no moon. As ever, she was completely alone.

The only feature relieving the endless nothingness lay ahead of her: the Gate. It loomed even higher, now, and it seemed to project an imposing pressure upon the woman; but rather than pushing her away, it seemed to be drawing her in, like she was light falling toward a black hole, completely unable to escape.

She stumbled a little, in apparent exhaustion. A hand reached up to adjust her hood; but instead of the smooth hand of a young maiden, it was the withered claw of an old crone. She had been walking… for a long time. Continue reading