Sunday digest 9ish: The “Empty Hands” edition!

…’Cause I got nothing.

Well, OK, it’s entirely my fault, I kept putting off my writing, and then I got sick. I managed to write part of the next chapter once I started feeling better, but then my enthusiasm tanked when I realized I was going to have to fill in more setting information. Damn it, if only I had switched back to Zedda… 😦

Well. If I can grind through it, I’ll be in a good position for going forward, but… Metria’s viewpoint is so different than Zedda’s, I’m nearly writing two stories at the same time. Admittedly, that’s kinda the point, but it’s still difficult sometimes, especially when my enthusiasm is already flagging. Sigh… 😐

OK, enough whining. What with one thing and another, I haven’t done any other writing this week either, but I am going to start writing a little speculative piece right after I’m done with this update. Not fiction, just a random, nostalgia-inspired… I don’t know, something. You’ll see.

And if you’d like to read something, how about checking out Lily Ex Machina by ExtantLily. Its a really interesting romantic fantasy, with a nearly entirely female cast. Yes, that does mean the romance is between females; if that bugs you, well, I have nothing to say. But if you don’t mind, it is a wonderful story of a strong woman overcoming many personal tragedies to become…well, a strong woman. Eh, I’m doing a horrible job describing it, just go read it, it’s good, I promise. 😉

Because my theme is too subtle, here is the link again: Lily Ex Machina. 😀


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