Sunday Gaming Digest: I don’t care, as long as something gets digested.

Hi. I’ve been playing games, instead of writing. Therefore, my writing projects will never get done. 😐

OK, I haven’t only been gaming. My collection of metal sheet models has jumped to 8, for instance. It will be 9, just as soon as I finish putting the bottom on the USS Arizona. I was thinking about putting up a picture of them all, but eh. Too much work. Next time. 😛

Oh, and as always I’ve been reading web novels gathering materials. So in the future, I will be writing more.

Hey, it could happen. 😛

In the mean time, I’ve been playing games. Well, mainly Tales of Berseria. It’s probably my favorite Tales game since Tales of the Abyss. Now there’s a game I’d buy again in a second if they ported it to the PS4. One of the most moving, realistic-seeming fantasy character arcs I’ve ever encountered. Wonderful stuff. But yeah, ToB is pure awesome, and I love the main character. She’s trying so hard to be the bad guy, but she’s just got this one weakness… cough shotacon cough XD

Sitting on my list of games to start playing again, once I’m finished with ToB: Atelier Sophie, and FFXV. I also picked up Nights of Azure, which seemed interesting, and Disgaea 5, which I finally found in store when I actually had money to buy it. A wonderful coincidence. I also have the remaster of FFX I want to replay, and I downloaded Wild Arms 3 off the Playstation Store. So yeah, lots of games.

Oh, speaking of downloads. I have to use my mobile hotspot for internet on my devices, and I have a 7 gb limit per month. *shakes fist in rage* Anyway, when I connected my PS4 to download WA3 (about 2 gb, by the way), it naturally started downloading updates for the games I already had. Most of them were reasonable, but FFXV? 13 freaking gigabytes! That’s nearly twice my monthly limit. What the hell, Sqeenix, did you even finish the game before you shipped it? 😯

OK, enough nonsense. New chapter of ALW sometime Wednesday, and I plan to finish Wind on the Lowest Plane by the end of the week. I hadn’t realized how long ago I started that… I lose track of time so easily… :\

Today’s fiction rec: Stop Calling Me A Demon King by BakaGrappler. A grittier take on the “Summoned Hero” plotline, with a jerk-but-understandably-so main character, and a lot of people who probably deserve what’s happening to them. I find BakaGrappler’s synopsis to be succinct and informative, so go read it here! 😀

One thought on “Sunday Gaming Digest: I don’t care, as long as something gets digested.

  1. Meh, I’ve been bored. At least I’ll have my net back soon. Still… you get 7 gigs a month on your phone? I only get 5, and most of it’s already gone. So yeah I’m gonna have some envy.

    Anywho, glad to see someone else recommend Baka’s novel. It’s a good read, it’s even on my Recommended Reads page.


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