The Anubai Hero, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

In the Cerulean Abyss.

The light was dim, even on the third level, which was still relatively close to the surface. Light filtered down from above, illuminating crystalline structures that propagated the distant sunlight into beautiful swaths of color across the dim rocks. Twisted paths wound between sheer cliffsides and bottomless crevaces, and the sounds of monstrous growls and scrittering claws filled the air. The smell of blood drifted, and a palpable feeling of dread clung to everything.

Through this maelstrom which at every moment whispered of sudden death, a man strolled casually down the twisting paths. He was a bald-headed fat man, slightly short, with a face that seemed jolly and peaceful. He wore a simple, threadbare robe, and he wore no sandals on his feet. His eyes were constantly squinting, making it difficult to perceive their color.

Barefoot, he strode through the abyss, casually looking around with enjoyment, as though he were simply sight-seeing. An ordinary observer would be shocked; was the Cerulean Abyss a place that could be treated so casually? Of course not! This weak-looking fat man was simply seeking death! Continue reading


Sunday Digest: The “Got chapter 2 done somehow” edition.

As titled. I hope chapter 2 of the Anubai Hero was interesting for you, but the chapter I really want to write is the next one. Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and since I haven’t set up a TOC for Anubai yet: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

OK, other news. I just download Torment: Tides of Numanera, which I backed for a digital copy way back in the day. I kinda want to spend some time on it, and also on finishing Tales of Berseria; in addition, Persona 5 comes out on Tuesday, and I kinda want to play with that a bit as well. On the flip side, I really haven’t been inspired to work seriously on my novel, or ALW. So, rather than fight with my feelings, I’m going to stop trying to write chapters to a schedule, and write about my gaming experiences instead. Hopefully I can make that somewhat entertaining as well. 😛

Oh, incidentally. I fired up TToN just to test it out, and I managed to kill my character within the intro. Within three decisions, in fact. And the first decision was just choosing my gender. (I chose female. Don’t judge.) I laughed so hard… 😀

Ah, yeah, in other news, I’ve completed a few more metal models, including Himeji Castle, and I was asked to post a picture:IMG_20170326_205938

Incidentally, that’s a Japanese WWII Chi Ha tank sitting next to it. …I’m pretty sure that they’re not to scale. Or maybe tanks in Japan are just ridiculously huge. Probably so they can fight off Godzilla. Yeah, makes sense. 😉

Anyway, I’m going to finish chapter 3 of Anubai before anything else, so please look forward to that. I hope it ends up half as cool as it seems in my head… Have a good week, everyone! 😀

The Anubai Hero, Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The distance from North Pine City to Red Rock City was quite far. In truth, an ordinary man walking from one to the other would spend weeks on Red Pine Road, the main road between the two; if he encountered any accidents, it might be more than a month before he reached his destination.

For a wealthy family like the Sun clan, however, the journey was much more manageable. All the major roads were built on the twisting leylines, and elite dragon-horses had been bred for centuries to take advantage of the natural energy. The tireless and swift creatures were expensive, naturally, but well within the means of the Sun clan.

Therefore, the journey to Red Rock City should have taken Sun Tzi and his cousin less than a day. However, the detour to the Cerulean Abyss had added a significant distance to their journey. Additionally, the leyline under the road leading from the Cerulean Abyss to Red Rock City was significantly weaker, so the dragon-horses could not proceed as swiftly. It would likely have been faster to return to North Pine City, and take Red Pine Road. But Sun Tzi had ordered So Tan to take the slower direct road, and Sun Lan had not disagreed. Continue reading

The Anubai Hero, Chapter 1

Fate : Destiny :: Karma : Fortune

Book 1: The Anubai Hero

Chapter 1

“Move aside!” a harsh voice sounded across the crowded road. Many people hurriedly cleared the road, whether they were poorly dressed commoner or rich merchant. No one wanted to draw the ire of the nobles riding in the carriage marked with the sign of the Sun clan! It would be worth their lives to raise even a single word of protest.

And yet, one young man somehow failed to hear the words of the Sun clan guards, and completely ignored the carriage rattling down the street towards him. The faces of the guards darkened at this blatant disrespect, and one of them shouted at the man.

“You! Boy! Are you looking to die!?” The guard turned to the coachman, and urged him forward with a hand gesture. They would run this pitiful fool down, without hesitation! Only then would the honor of the Sun clan be upheld.

The young man finally turned around, and gazed at the oncoming carriage. The Sun clan guards caught their breaths and gripped their weapons, while the coachman reined in almost by instinct. In this city, known as North Pine City to it’s inhabitants, the guards had encountered many men. Some had eyes filled with fear, especially in front of the Sun clan, who were the second most powerful clan in the city. Some had eyes filled with arrogance, those who could compete against the Sun either with connections or their own personal power.

But in the eyes of this youth, these experienced men saw… nothing! Continue reading

Hi how are you I’m OK

Alright, guys, let me level with you: I still don’t have a new chapter of A Living Will to share with everyone. I have no excuses, just an explanation: I just can’t get into it. The whole chapter isn’t working for me, even after attempting three different ways to start it. So I’m going to take a break. The next ALW chapter will come when it comes. 😐

I don’t want to leave everyone with nothing, though. As I may or may not have mentioned, I’ve been reading a lot of translated Chinese web novels lately, and I’ve been… well, inspired is the wrong word, but, slightly motivated to write something in a similar style. So that’s what I’ve been working on, instead of ALW. It’s not what I would call good, but it might be entertaining. Just think of it as a bad fanfic, that doesn’t happen to have any IP to base itself on. Anyway, it’s not at the point where I can post the first chapter, but I’ll be working on it tonight, and I’ll try to post it as soon as possible.

Let me warn you up front, the names may look like they’re Chinese, but I assure you that they are just random, simple syllables. So don’t look too closely at them, ‘k? 😛

A Living Will, Part 21: The Darkness Waits Below

With a distinct crunch, I crushed the skull of the ghoul with my gloved hand. Its body fell to the ground twitching, before beginning to dissolve into a fine black mist. The gore on my glove similarly evaporated, leaving my hands clean. I smiled happily to myself, although it was just in my mind.

Pulling a notepad out of my coat, I began to add the current location to my rough map. Behind me, several gunshots rang out, but I completely ignored them, as well as the disturbing hiss of more ghouls dissolving. As far as I could tell from my map, taking the left path from this junction would lead us back toward the entrance, while turning right would lead us further in. Naturally, I turned toward the right hand passage, and started moving forward.

-This way.-

“H, hey. Can we… can we take a break?” spoke a breathless voice behind me. I turned around to look at Irene Bellvaunt, who was currently leaning against the rough tunnel wall and panting slightly. Continue reading

Sunday Metal Digest: The “Slightly Apologetic” Edition

So yeah. I promised to get Wind on the Lowest Plane done this week. Didn’t happen. Sorry. Didn’t really get much else done either. Well, at least I got my chapter of ALW done on time, for what it’s worth.

What else have I been doing this week, you ask? Well…


Do these things look familiar? 😛

I actually finished St. Basil’s Cathedral, to the upper left, just today. It was a challenging build in some respects — those little offshoot enclosed stairways to the front left and right ended up being the bane of my existence, for example. :\

The other models I haven’t introduced yet on this site are the ferris wheel, the lighthouse, the German Tiger-I tank in the center, the B-17 “Flying Fortress” in front of the lighthouse, the USS Arizona on the far right, and the Mars Rover on the front right. Along with the three I’ve shown before (the T-34, the Apache, and the Ninja motorcycle) I have completed ten models. And before you ask, no, I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with the damn things right now. 😉

I actually have two left on my shelf to put together, a CAT bulldozer, and the golden Kinkaku-ji temple that I keep putting off, because I want it to be the best… 😐

Oh, for those interested, the Metal Earth catalog can be browsed at, and can be ordered online at I usually buy them at a couple of hobby stores not far from my house, but their selections are slightly limited — there’s some awesome stuff I might want to order online sometimes, like the M1 Abrahms tank. If you like building stuff while being meticulous, it might be a fun hobby for you. I need to cut back, though… :\

…Wasn’t this supposed to be a writing blog? 😯


A Living Will, Part 20: Immediate Barriers

I had to admit, the grounds were lovely. I don’t believe that I have a human aesthetic sense, but the trees were actually quite lovely, and the gardens were at least neatly laid out. However, the smoking ruins of a large mansion somewhat detracted from the natural serenity.

I stood looking at the former Bellvaunt estate for a while. Next to me, Irene was also staring at the ruined mansion, her face the very picture of shocked disbelief. On our walk from her refuge to the estate, she had been pestering me with questions about martial arts, all of which I ignored. Undaunted, the young woman had nearly tripped over her own feet trying to work out what I had done earlier, until I had to order her to calm down. Nevertheless, her good mood had continued right up until the walled compound of the Bellvaunt residence; once confronted with the admittedly imposing doors, she became much more solemn.

By that time, I had already realized something was wrong. I cannot see, naturally, and my other senses are not the best, but I had realized that there was no sign of life on the other side of the wall. Any life. No humans, no animals, no plants, nothing. There was obviously some sort of barrier surrounding the estate, but it didn’t have the feel of magic, either. It was… subtle. Continue reading