Sunday Digest: The “Got chapter 2 done somehow” edition.

As titled. I hope chapter 2 of the Anubai Hero was interesting for you, but the chapter I really want to write is the next one. Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and since I haven’t set up a TOC for Anubai yet: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

OK, other news. I just download Torment: Tides of Numanera, which I backed for a digital copy way back in the day. I kinda want to spend some time on it, and also on finishing Tales of Berseria; in addition, Persona 5 comes out on Tuesday, and I kinda want to play with that a bit as well. On the flip side, I really haven’t been inspired to work seriously on my novel, or ALW. So, rather than fight with my feelings, I’m going to stop trying to write chapters to a schedule, and write about my gaming experiences instead. Hopefully I can make that somewhat entertaining as well. 😛

Oh, incidentally. I fired up TToN just to test it out, and I managed to kill my character within the intro. Within three decisions, in fact. And the first decision was just choosing my gender. (I chose female. Don’t judge.) I laughed so hard… 😀

Ah, yeah, in other news, I’ve completed a few more metal models, including Himeji Castle, and I was asked to post a picture:IMG_20170326_205938

Incidentally, that’s a Japanese WWII Chi Ha tank sitting next to it. …I’m pretty sure that they’re not to scale. Or maybe tanks in Japan are just ridiculously huge. Probably so they can fight off Godzilla. Yeah, makes sense. 😉

Anyway, I’m going to finish chapter 3 of Anubai before anything else, so please look forward to that. I hope it ends up half as cool as it seems in my head… Have a good week, everyone! 😀


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