Sunday digest: Why write, when you can make a mining truck out of metal sheets?

Hello, everyone. Happy Easter, for those who care about such things. So.

Somehow I barely managed to open my Chromebook at all this week… I was going to write up a little piece on Tales of Berseria, but I eventually just played more of the game instead. I’m at 90+ hours, and I’m trying to clean up everything possible before the endgame. Mostly because, after I beat the boss, I’m going to turn my attention to the other games in my collection. Especially Persona 5, which I have neglected for far too long. 😉

As for my fiction, ALW and my novel are both at a complete standstill. As for Anubai Hero, I’ve written… the first paragraph of chapter 4. I was going to work on it during OhMarioWV’s Destiny stream, but unsurprisingly I can’t multitask in the least. (Apropos of nothing, my wife always has something running in the background whenever she’s doing anything, usually something off the food network, or Dirty Jobs or Mythbusters. I have absolutely no idea how she can concentrate with that nonsense in the background.) Anyway, I’ve got a fairly good idea of how chapter 4 will go, so it should be out… soonish? I don’t want to give a deadline, because it depresses me too much when I miss them. 😦

Oh… While I’m thinking about it, I should put up a TOC for it. I’ll work on that after this, I guess.

So what have I been doing?


Well, these guys, for one. That’s a CAT mining truck on the left, and the Javits Convention Center in New York on the right. And yes, a mining truck is definitely big enough to completely run over a convention center. 😯

…It’s not. They’re not to scale, sorry. But mining trucks are pretty huge — that’s literally a stairway that runs up the front grill. It was a complicated model, which I like, but since it’s complicated there is a greater chance for stuff to go wrong. For instance, I misread the instructions and ended up breaking a piece on the undercarriage, which makes me sad and angry. It wasn’t something I could fix with a bit of glue, either. Grrr. 😡

On the other hand, the Javits Center was much easier, with big, easy to handle pieces, and only a bit of complicated folding to make things difficult. It just ends up being less satisfying to complete something easily, I guess. I’m not a masochist, though. 😛

By the by… I highly advise you to Google a picture of the actual building — it’s made almost entirely of glass, and it looks awesome. 😉

OK, as for next week… I don’t know. I’ll think of something. Have a good one, everyone. 😀


One thought on “Sunday digest: Why write, when you can make a mining truck out of metal sheets?

  1. So a dump truck and a building in… NEW YOUR CITY!? Other than my reference towards old salsa commercials, good job. Sorry about not streaming on Saturday night as well. Still, can’t wait for you to get back to writing.


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