My daughter’s first collaboration!

Hey, everyone, I just wanted to share something with you quick. Earlier today, my daughter (3) popped open my Chromebook, which happened to have the chapter I am currently working on open. She added a bit of dialogue, which I wish to share with you here:

“The silver-furred man sighed again. “Just… ignore her for the moment, please. Now. I presume you l0lo5yd gkjki     m4njnm mn nmdu  vbb bnnhbmnnnhgcvrnbv bvvbvvnv    kk vm         .bivcdbm po k  yv6 e5 v vxxz”

I think it makes as much sense as anything I’ve ever written, don’t you? 😀


8 thoughts on “My daughter’s first collaboration!

      1. I thought you were in your late 20’s? Damn son. Anywho, just keep that one warning I gave you about letting her grow up on light and web novels to heart.

        Now if you will excuse me, I gotta make sure everything is set up for tonight’s live stream. And that the update I’m posting doesn’t have too many errors.

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  1. That was adorable (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜.
    Still, a daughter, huh… I just turned 22 in February, and I and my girlfriend have no plans to have children. Though, I’ve wondered how it would be.


      1. Well, I knew it was tough 😂. I mean, when my little brother was born, I was the one taking care of him by the most part of the time. At that time, our parents were starting a business, after all. So they were always busy, and when they were free, they were tired. So I ended up being the one getting up midnight whenever he would start to cry, as well as the one changing diapers, and feeding him ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ. But I think the sentient… the feeling of having your own child must be different. Well, I believe, it’s not like I know (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜.

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